5 Reasons Why you Bother with Landscaping as a New Homeowner

When you purchased your first home, you likely had big dreams about hosting backyard barbecues, decorating your home’s interior and finally owning the home you live in. After you moved into your new home, however, you likely soon realized that home ownership comes with additional responsibilities and chores. Perhaps one of the most significant chores pertains to landscaping. It may have crossed your mind to just let your landscaping and yard maintenance go to save time and money. However, there are five key reasons why you shouldn’t do this.

1. Property Values

Your home’s exterior appearance can affect your property value. Your taxable valuable may largely be based on the size and location of your home. However, the value of your home in an open marketplace will indeed be affected by curb appeal, and landscaping has a major impact on your home’s curb appeal.

2. Homeowner’s Association

If you live in a neighborhood governed by a homeowner’s association, there is a good chance that your homeowner’s association has specific rules and requirements in place regarding your home’s landscaping and exterior maintenance. If you do not comply with those rules and requirements, some homeowner’s associations may fine you. Others may hire a third party contractor to do the work for you and send you the bill for those services.

3. Exterior Home Maintenance

Maintaining your home’s landscaping can affect your exterior home maintenance tasks. Consider, for example, that bushes that are allowed to grow close to the home’s siding and tree limbs that hang low on the roof can damage the home. By keeping your bushes and trees trimmed back, you can prevent damage being done to your home.

4. Drainage

Your home’s landscaping features will affect water drainage on your home. With proper landscaping features in place, you can discourage pooling from developing in your yard, and you can encourage water to drain away from your home. This can prevent flooding and can prevent damage being done to your home’s foundation.

5. Pride of Ownership

Well-maintained landscaping creates a beautiful home exterior. When you purchased your home, you likely did not want to have the most unsightly home in the neighborhood. By taking care of your landscaping and making periodic upgrades to your landscaping as necessary, you can promote pride of ownership through improved curb appeal.

The fact is that you can indeed let your landscaping go, but these five key points provide you with solid reasons why the steps you take to maintain your yard are indeed worthwhile.

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Duxcoat – Nano Technology [Guest Post]

DuxcoatUsing Nano Technology, Duxcoat is a revolutionary treatment that protects and preserves a variety of everyday products and surfaces.

Nano Technology is the development of the structure of substances in their smallest dimensions. These substances are then synthesised and when applied to ceramics, textiles, timber or stone surfaces, create a protective barrier.

Nanosealed surfaces repel any water, oil and dirt for up to one year. They are chemical-free, easy to clean and provide long term protection against contamination and bacteria. There is no alteration to the appearance of the surface of the treated product.

Duxcoat products create a ‘liquid glass’ film – a hydrophobic substance that operates on a nano level to protect virtually any exposed surface in homes, gardens and cars against water, oil or dirt.

As aforementioned, Duxcoat can be applied to a variety of surfaces:

Textiles – This will treat all types of materials, from textile surfaces to clothing. Once it has been applied, these textiles will be protected against contamination and liquids will not permeate their surface.

Ceramics – This covers anything from glazed tiles to baths and sinks, ceramics and even monuments.

Stone  – Treated surfaces become resistant to dirt and fluids. The treatment is suitable for all wood and stone surfaces, including wall and floor tiles, window frames, doors and so on. Porous surfaces such as terracotta or sandstone become completely hydrophobic.

For more information head over to www.duxcoat.co.uk

Making A Garden For A Small Apartment

It is always a privilege to own a garden in your home because of its associated beauty and environmental benefits. Most people who live in apartments find it hard to set up their own gardens due to various reasons such as lack of enough space and limited freedom since most apartments are rented. However, it is probably good news to learn that even with the limited space; you can still set up a garden in your apartment using the following tips and ideas.

How to make a garden in a container


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With the limited space in your apartment, you still have so many options to consider as you create a garden. A good example is the use of containers. In fact, this gives you the chance to be creative. You can decide to use football helmets, pots, old boots or watering cans. Once you identify the most suitable container to use, you have to paint it to match the color of your apartment. Depending on the appearance of your residence, you can decide to paint the container with a traditional or modern theme. However, always keep in mind that bright colors are better than dull ones since it is easy to notice them from a distance. Also create some small holes at the bottom of the container to allow the plant to regulate the amount of water required when watering them.

How to make a garden on the balcony or patio space

 Garden Container

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The balcony and patio are so far the best places to set up your home-based garden in your apartment. However, before you place your container at the balcony or patio space, the following should be done;

  • Use heavier pots if your balcony or patio space is prone to heavy winds.
  • Use trays to trap water if you have neighbors below your balcony or patio space.
  • Make sure the plants have adequate supply of sunlight for at least six hours a day.

Tips for beautifying your garden

After you have created the garden, you need to make it look beautiful. Try to add plants with different shapes, colors and growing patterns such as pansies and zinnias.  It is advisable to choose those types of plants that shoot upwards during growth and those ones that spread along the floor just to add some bit of creativity to your garden. You may also add some decorative features like wind chimes, sundial, pinwheels and statues just to make your garden look elegant than ever.

Watering tips

For the garden to remain beautiful and elegant, you need the best watering equipment in the market. There are so many places where you can buy them but none of them offers better deals than http://www.sprinklersystemstore.com/.

This website gives you the chance to choose the latest irrigation systems for your home-based garden without spending too much money on them.

Putting Together A Home Tool Kit – What Do You Actually Need?

In any home, it’s inevitable that things break, and will need fixing. For that, you’ll need the right tools for the job, unless you can afford to regularly shell out for new replacements for items which, for the want of a little know-how and the right equipment, can be easily repaired.

And as we Britons are renowned for our love of DIY tools, it’s something which is expected of even the least practically-minded among us.

Tool KitSo having a good, basic kit of tools to hand can not only help save cash – it might even lead you into starting to enjoy fixing things, and want to take on more ambitious projects.

A basic toolkit should contain at least the following:

–       Flat-headed and Phillips screwdrivers – probably the most widely-used household tool, and essential for when your time comes to take that ultimate test of manhood – fitting some shelves

–       Scissors – you might find you need to cut all kinds of materials. But you shouldn’t need more than one pair provided they are of good quality, and kept sharp

–       Duct tape – amazingly strong and durable, this can be used to make a temporary, or even permanent, fix to all sorts of broken items and connections

–       Insulating tape – this is essential for sealing off bare wires, but it’s also great for fixing plastic piping

–       Utility or carpet knife – consisting of just a basic handle and a very sharp blade, this is a very useful item. Just be sure it only gets into the hands of people who know how to use it

–       Round-nosed pliers – an electrician’s best friend, but also very handy for gripping or snipping wire and lots of other small metal fixings. They’re also just the job for getting into difficult to reach cavities to retrieve items which have become stuck

Several other Items can be classed as useful but not essential, and these include an adjustable spanner, for tightening – or loosening – any bolt; a can of lubricant spray, to help extricate tight screws or get rid of squeaky wheels; and finally, a tape measure, because there are lots of items you’ll need to buy for the home – such as carpets and blinds – for which you’ll need to know exactly how much you need.

Once you’ve got all these basic items, you should feel a little more confident about at least tackling the essential DIY jobs which will crop up. And as everyone knows, if you stay on top of these jobs, your conscientiousness will pay off in the long run, as others see that you’ve got a well-maintained home.

This post was contributed by Janice Lincoln a freelance writer specialising in topics such as home repairs, finding appliance repair companies and dealing with repairing washing machines.

Things to Remember for Your New Home

Before you move into your new house, you might want to consider some additional features that will improve the quality of your home.

Heating, Cooling and Ventilation

The air inside your home can help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Proper air circulation is essential to make sure the air inside the house is clean and free of bacteria. When heat is circulated throughout a house, the air inside can actually contain more pollutants than the air outside. To help keep the inside air clean, a heat recovery system can be used. This system runs on a two hour cycle to exchange the air inside the home to keep it free of harmful pollutants. Similar systems can be installed for comfort cooling and proper ventilation.


Your new home might benefit from some new furnishings. Wood is a classic material which has been shown to stand the test of time. There are beautiful pieces of furniture available in oak or pine, which can be used to enhance the décor of any room. A dining table set made of solid oak can add a touch of sophistication to the room it is used in. Pine bed frames are available in a variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of any homeowner.

Protection for Your Home

Any new homeowner should purchase insurance to protect their house in the event of some type of disaster. Insurance policies can be designed to meet the needs of those who purchase them. Some financial companies will offer services which not only provide homeowners with insurance coverage they also provide the financing needed to purchase the home in the first place. Home loans and mortgages can also be designed with affordable rates and payment plans to make purchasing a new home easier to do.

Organise Your Beauty Goodies With Elegant Dressing Tables

Organising and storing beauty products is a daunting task faced by most of the people. Most of the beauty products are to be protected from moisture, direct sunlight and some cases from our own kids. Hence there is a need to have furniture where all these products can be neatly organised without cluttering the room. A dressing table serves this very purpose.

Mirror TableA dressing table is a furniture which is usually given last priority while decorating bedroom. Normally people first purchase bed, wardrobe and chest which is considered to be an integral part of bedroom and if there is extra space then they go in for a dressing table. Since most of the modern villas and apartments are in short of space, wardrobe with storage and built in mirror is becoming a trend. But for those of us who consider a dressing table not only as a necessity but also a décor piece, there are different types available in the market.

The dressing table can be large, draped and kidney shaped table or it can be antique Victorian and French table. The Victorian and French table are characterised by their elaborate mirror and beautiful carvings and are ideal for large rooms. Art-déco tables are ideal for small rooms. There are different ways in which dressing table can be decorated. If the table is antique or French then it is better to leave it as such as the table itself acts as a décor piece. Other types of table can be decorated with jewelry boxes, candle holders, photo frame, perfume etc. Different types of mirror like half length, three faced, oval, rectangle etc are available. It can either come as a set along with the table or in some cases it needs to be bought separately. While selecting the table one should be careful that it matches the décor theme of the bedroom. If the bed, wardrobe etc are antique, then one should go in for antique dressing table. If white bed andwhite wardrobeis used then the dressing table should also be white in color.

Dressing table can be made of different types of wood. It can be made of hard wood like birch, oak and teak or it can be made of soft wood like pine and cedar. Even though hard wood is more expensive than soft wood, it is always better to go for hard wood tables as these are long lasting.

A careful selection of the table taking into consideration the theme, size, budget etc can make your bedroom a place of envy. Thanks to the numerous online shopping portals available, purchasing a dressing table is no more a tedious job. At the click of the mouse your dream dressing table is all yours.

Author Bio: The author Susan Johns is a freelance content writer specialising in home/interior décor writing. With over 5 years experience in the field of furniture and home decor, she has written numerous articles and blogs in this area. Please visit her blog http://decoreview.com.

UK Shutters And Blinds Buying Tips For 2012:

When looking at getting the most from your UK shutter supplier there are many things that you should consider.  For many people looking at the respective pricing models of buying window shutters from UK providers will of course factor into the buying cycle for interior/exterior shutters and blinds. It is important however to remember that cost alone cannot be justification to make a buying choice as this can lead to many other costing considerations directly resulting from any initial decision to buy through price alone and the potential selection of a lower quality initial shutters and blinds choice.

I would therefore also want to look at the quality aspect of the shutter company and for me having a local company that is based in the UK with real life UK customer testimonials, case studies and a real UK reputation for excellence is certainly a decision making prerequisite. I also like to be able to see a personality through the website and be able to actually deal with people who are window shutter professions like Sam at Opennshut. Remember these are the people that you will be dealing with so feeling comfortable knowing the person/people and even having the peace of mind that you have been able to put a face to a name can all help here.

From testimonials you not only get a feel for the quality of the windows shutters and blinds as a product but also a real indication of the after sales of the window fitting company. What better way is there to see how a company performs than by having their customers tell you directly?

Websites are a great source for getting a ‘feel’ for a company and their expertise in the area of shutters and blinds. Look for a number of key areas on a website that give you peace of mind in a company and can enable you to buy online or pick up the phone and speak to the company directly.

Look for signs of reputation and professionalism – have the company got a name that you have heard about or even seen on TV? Does the company have a physical location that you can visit and a landline telephone contact number where you can talk to a human being rather than a call centre?

If you can order online make sure that all the trust indicators that you would want to see before giving someone your credit card information is in place and that you can check these trust signals from separate and external sites not associated with the site you are on.