Duxcoat – Nano Technology [Guest Post]

DuxcoatUsing Nano Technology, Duxcoat is a revolutionary treatment that protects and preserves a variety of everyday products and surfaces.

Nano Technology is the development of the structure of substances in their smallest dimensions. These substances are then synthesised and when applied to ceramics, textiles, timber or stone surfaces, create a protective barrier.

Nanosealed surfaces repel any water, oil and dirt for up to one year. They are chemical-free, easy to clean and provide long term protection against contamination and bacteria. There is no alteration to the appearance of the surface of the treated product.

Duxcoat products create a ‘liquid glass’ film – a hydrophobic substance that operates on a nano level to protect virtually any exposed surface in homes, gardens and cars against water, oil or dirt.

As aforementioned, Duxcoat can be applied to a variety of surfaces:

Textiles – This will treat all types of materials, from textile surfaces to clothing. Once it has been applied, these textiles will be protected against contamination and liquids will not permeate their surface.

Ceramics – This covers anything from glazed tiles to baths and sinks, ceramics and even monuments.

Stone  – Treated surfaces become resistant to dirt and fluids. The treatment is suitable for all wood and stone surfaces, including wall and floor tiles, window frames, doors and so on. Porous surfaces such as terracotta or sandstone become completely hydrophobic.

For more information head over to www.duxcoat.co.uk

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