5 Housing Decoration Trends That Will NEVER Go Out Of Style

Being on trend is all well and good. Keeping up with the times is a lovely status symbol. But sometimes it’s just impossible to afford to remodel your home for every passing trend. Sometimes it’s necessary to deck your home out in a timeless style. I like to check out local real estate – Epping is my new fab find – to take a peek at the décor. Is it trendy or timeless? What ideas can I steal? Some homes know how to toe the line between on trend and classic styling. And some don’t. Here are some that will never go out of style.

Classic kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets will always be on trend. Red may be a colour that really pops this season, but that doesn’t mean that it will stay in. Fads change, but white – white is the go-to colour for any decorating scheme: white and the smell of eucalypt. Bliss!

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is as chic as ever. Carpet colours and patterned tile flooring never stay in season, but quality hardwood flooring adds real character to your home without ever being daggy.

Hardwood flooring

Books, books, books

And what about the smaller things? The little things? Having a wooden bookcase full of books will never go out of style. Neither will having plants and flowers scattered around the house. They add some real colour and vivacity to any room. Try and pick timeless books to show off on your shelves, as well as the latest bestsellers. Anything goes really, as long as everything is displayed and arranged neatly (cluttered bookshelves are a big no no). Always pick in season flowers, ones that look beautiful and will last more than just an evening.

Unique antiques

Classy antiques and beautiful art pieces are never dated. Make sure, however, that they fit with the overall look and feel of your room. Don’t pair grandma’s old wooden dresser with new, sleek Ikea furniture. It’s just not a good look. Instead pick up furniture that matches well.

Your personal taste

Putting together pieces that you like will always be on trend, because it’s really important that you know what works best for you and is really functional. You can make disparate items work if they share a common thread, like a common colour or texture.

Keep these tips in mind, and be prepared for all your friends to compliment you on your retro-chic interior decorations and you can smile to yourself with the knowledge that your home is classic and timeless. It’ll still look as charming as ever in twenty years’ time.

Author bio: Lena Perry has a little bit of real estate. Epping is where she can bask in the smell of eucalypt.

Innovative Ways To Announce Your Move!

“Goodbyes hurt the most when not done in a good way” rightly said by some spotless minds. While you relocate it is the bittersweet experience of your life. This is because you leave behind all your friends, neighbors and the memories of that place. You leave the entire social circle both in the locality and in the office and your kids leave their friends. Though you get to explore new things, get to meet new people and make new friends, but still you leave behind your comfort zone.

So how do you now plan to let your folks and friends know about your move?

· Arrange a house warming party: This is probably the best way to inform your loved ones about your move. You can arrange a lunch party or a dinner party both will be perfect to announce about your move. Choose a local restaurant or may be the back yard of your present home. Create a good and pleasing environment and drop the news of your move. Give the reason for your move that you are provided with good career options in the new place.

· Postal services: The easy and stress free way of letting your near ones know about your move is changing of address. This way you will notify post office about your move and ask them to post all the documents to the new place. This is the easiest way of conveniently providing this information to all the friends and family.

· Print cards: You can design easy and creative print cards from the comfort of your home. Giving unique touch to your goodbye cards and writing personal messages to everyone is the easiest way to deliver the information. Though it is fun printing cards on your own but if you are lacking time then there are printing companies that will make it even easier for you. This will make your friends and family feel special.

· Phone calls: It is a very obvious thing to do but people often overlook the obvious. They forget to inform about their move at all. So, if you are falling short of time then a phone call would do. In fact informing your friends and folks personally will make them feel important.

· Social networking site: OK now if you have a very big social circle and throwing a party or making cards is going out of budget then you can go for online option. Inform the masses by conveying a message on Facebook or Twitter or if you want to get personal with this then an E-mail would do.

Now that you know how to tell everyone around your move you need to make one thing very sure, that whichever way you feel is the best just make it a little fun oriented. Make the last time with your friends and family a memorable one. This will make the whole experience an enjoyable one and if you’ll look forward to a good removal services like Removal Service London, your move will definitely be a stress free one.

Finding The Perfect Gates For Your Garden

Garden GatesIf you own a splendid garden with lots of various landscaped plants, then you need to secure it with a garden gate. Gates can protect the perimeter of your gardens property and also help improve the look of your garden. No matter how stunning your garden looks, you need a good looking gate. If your gate is old and has its hinges falling off for example, it will be a minus on your side. Gates may seem insignificant, but they can spoil the entire beauty of your garden if not given proper attention. A simple garden gate can make a remarkable difference in the overall look of your garden.

Garden gates come in various types which can be functional and extremely stunning. They are made from wood, iron, steel, and in some cases brass and copper. No matter what your specifications are, you can find the gate that will meet your garden expectations.

The first thing you should take into consideration when choosing your garden gate is the purpose it is going to serve. This is very significant as it will help you choose the perfect gate that will match your garden. Your choice of both design and material will heavily rely on this. For instance, if you have pets or small kids living in your home, you will opt for safety when designing the gate. Whether it’s a front garden gate or a back garden gate, ensure you make a wise decision to give your garden a thrilling look it deserves.

Front garden gates should be small and beautiful, letting everyone passing by your home and garden see how breathtaking your garden is. The gates should serve as the accent to your front garden, displaying and not hiding the elegance behind its walls. Since this is the gate that will serve as the main entry point, make sure you choose the gate that is made from quality material in order to ensure its longevity. If you opt for a wooden gate, you should be prepared to take proper care as it will require good maintenance for it to last longer than usual.

Back garden gates should be well secured and made from sturdy materials to ensure the safety of your garden particularly if you have a shed or green house. This is vital since it will keep intruders off your garden. This however doesn’t mean your garden has to be unattractive; there are many back garden designs that you can choose to give your garden its beauty. You will find a thrilling gate that will perfectly suit and transform your garden.

The gate is the first thing that makes an impression when people pass by your home, so it has to measure to functional needs as well aesthetic. In case you live in an area where there is a neighbourhood association, you can check out with the design review committee of any restrictions or specifications you may have. Many associations have a number of rules to be followed before a home owner starts installing a gate.

How to Organize a Move to a New Home?

Moving is certainly an important event that requires a lot of energy and good organization. So, do not rely on improvisation but schedule the time and plan the process taking into consideration all the aspects of your move. Most importantly, decide if you are going to handle the situation yourself or trust a reputable company.


Are You Going to Handle it Yourself or Leave It in the Hands of Experts?

If you chose the second option, contact all friends, relatives and acquaintances that you know who have recently moved and used professional services. Select several companies and contact all of them. Then, ask any of the companies the following questions:

1.What services are offered by it?

2.What is the price for your relocation? 3. How quickly can the company accomplish the process of relocating your home?

It is important to know what equipment and staff would be involved in the removal. Do not rely on fictional or disloyal companies that suffer from a lack of the necessary equipment and workers on full-time.

When you pick the company that you like most, ask for a meeting and a detailed proforma invoice. The price depends on the distance between the apartments, the amount of furniture, the floor, etc. Ask the company what losses the insurance covers, and make a list of all items that you have to check after the transfer. When doing this, note even the smallest damage. If you have valuables, you should insure all them in advance. Make sure you have discussed all the points before you make a decision and hire the company.

Remember the company can take care of the loading, transportation, packaging, installation and electrical system; you can hire someone to put the furniture back together and to make all the necessary adaptations and corrections. You’ll save a significant amount of money if you leave the company to load and transport your belongings, and you can take care of the rest. If you are moving abroad, you can trust the company to take care of all formalities.

London Removals

Plan Ahead the Furnishing of the New Home

Make a general plan of the house and the approximate arrangement of the furniture, at least the biggest ones. That will not only save you time but also will help you load the furniture in the truck in the best way possible. Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things that you no longer need. Pack curtains, covers for sofas and carpets after you have washed and ironed them out.

If possible, label all the big boxes and list their content for your own convenience after the arrival. Besides, make sure that the furniture and boxes you will arrange last in the new home are placed first in the truck. Don’t forget to check if everything is well protected – not only packed but sealed with paper and materials that can soften sudden movements during transportation. If the furnishing and arranging of your new home is going to last longer than one day, the kitchen and the beds should be organized first in order for you to have a place to eat and sleep and to avoid further embarrassment and additional stress.


Turning Your Basement Into An Entertainment Lounge [Guest Post]

Entertainment LoungeBasement is often an ignored part of the house. Majority of us use it just as a storage space. However, basement when utilized properly can be turned into a very useful space. A basement can be turned into a small additional bedroom or a study or an entertainment lounge. In my opinion the best way to utilize a basement is to turn it into an entertainment lounge. There are plenty of advantages of turning the basement into an entertainment lounge. In most houses basement is designed in such a way that the sound coming from the basement generally doesn’t disturb the neighbours  Hence basement is a great option for an entertainment lounge. Also an entertainment lounge is a great venue for home parties. In this article we would be discussing, ways in which you can turn your basement into an entertainment lounge.

Every entertainment lounge has a main area or a feature which attracts the attention of visitors. Not every visitor may utilize it, but it’s always good to have such an area of attraction. In case of home based entertainment lounge, a small bar is the perfect choice for such an area. There are two things which you need to consider when planning a small bar. First, it should be easily accessible and should have plenty of sitting space around it. Second, it should have plenty of electrical connections which can be used for the blenders and other appliances. Also a general tip to make your bar look elegant is to place the ornate bottles at the back and the shorter bottles in front of them. It is always a good idea to extend the bar a little,so that it can easily double up as a snacks counter when there are plenty of kids. Also granite is the best option for the bar counter. It looks elegant and has been in trend since ages.

No entertainment lounge is complete without proper entertainment facilities. A wide Tv screen is your best and most affordable option. However, you also need to take care of the acoustics. If the acoustics are not proper then you can easily correct them with common household items like curtains or things made of rubber. Both these materials absorb sound to certain extent and can be used in the general decoration of the basement as well, hence they won’t look out of the place either. This would help you in saving thousands of dollars which you would have otherwise spent on sound technicians.

If you take care of both these aspects then you can easily turn your basement into a throbbing entertainment lounge for your family and friends.


Amanda perry works as a interior design and specialises in Remodeling and Home Improvement.

What is the UK’s Green Deal? [Guest Post]

The United Kingdom is on the cusp of launching its much lauded Green Deal scheme that will allow people to access low interest loans in order to get energy efficient home improvements. The bill is slated to start on October of 2012, but is unlikely to be fully operational until sometime in 2013. It is argued that the scheme will help reduce energy costs and make homes more energy efficient and this will no doubt help the increasing amount people who live in the UK who are under considerable debt thanks to high energy costs. In a nutshell, the Green Deal will provide access to low interest loans that will in turn lead to professional home improvements and therefore assist people to get out of energy debt.

How it will work

When the program starts, a Green Deal advisor will visit a property and carry out an inspection. The advisor will then decide what energy appropriate measures need to be taken. After the advisor approves the work they will report to a Green Deal Provider who will determine the loan amount required. Once that is finalized a Green Deal Installer will make the necessary energy improvements to the home. Elements available for  improvements and upgrades include cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, heat pump installation and external wall insulation, among others. These measures will essentially improve a building’s energy efficiency which will eventually result in lower energy bills. The UK hopes that several million homes will participate in this “energy revolution”.

In October 2012 the Green Deal will come into play and the DECC has made a list available which details the first group of Green Deal providers.  Currently numbering twenty-two in total, the list includes various well known brands such as B&Q.

Ultimately, and despite a number of reservations surrounding the scheme, the Green Deal will undoubtedly be a good thing for homeowners in the UK. Getting a home energy efficient will lower utility bills and of course ensure that it stays warm in those colder months. Taking external wall insulation as an example, the Green Deal will even improve the appearance of a home in addition to ensuring that the occupiers stay toasty in winter and save pounds on their bank balance!

With new innovations emerging on a regular basis (e.g. Jablite’s Dynamic Cavity), it’s reasonable to believe that insulation has a key role to play in the preservation of our environment. While extra money in our bank account and an extra degree of heat in our homes is all well and good, the world we live in is impossible value and being able to say we helped to ensure its survival is priceless.

Central Air Conditioning Advice [Guest Post]

If you have multiple AC units that are using a lot of electricity or you may also be experiencing a lot of humidity. This is why it is a important that you consider using the best central air conditioners for your needs. A Central AC unit is basically a type of cooling system which is able to cool more than two rooms in the house. They are referred to as central air in United States or air-con in the United Kingdom. An air conditioner usually circulates dehumidified or cooled air through the ductwork to the different rooms. It also uses ductwork and air handlers to deliver cool air.

Air Conditioning

How AC Works

Central AC Units make use of refrigeration to cool the air circulating in a room.

When you use a split system air conditioner, it has a condenser and compressor outdoors and the evaporator unit is placed on the furnace or air handler. All the components are combined in one outdoor unit when using a package A/C system.

Best central air units usually get air from the rooms through return air ductwork, filters, cools and dehumidifies it then takes it back to the rooms. A thermostat usually controls the A/C unit by turning it on and off when needed.

Buying a Central AC Unit for your Home

Air conditioners will definitely have an impact on how you live as well as how you pay your bills. It is good to do your research when looking to choose a good AC unit because it can really affect your bills. Choose one which is efficient when it comes to cooling your home but make sure it is not too expensive to operate.
AC Problems & Repair

If your air conditioner stops working, do your own troubleshooting before getting an expert to repair it. If it happens to be inefficient in cooling, it may just require some basic maintenance. It may also fail to switch on because of an issue with the circuit breaker. There are times when it is just the thermostat that has a problem so it is good to troubleshoot.

Air Conditioner Cost & Installation

Professionals usually install all central air conditioners and this is usually quoted along with the price of the equipment. In cases where retrofitting has to be done to an existing home, the cost may be higher because the ductwork has to be run under the floor and through the attic from the air handler. Installations cost around a few grand, but you can get a good price if you get a free estimate from air conditioning companies in your local area. You can around three bids if you are looking to get a good value for your money. You can resort to buying one or more air conditioners if this installation budget is too much for you.