Silver Saints – Not your Average Handyman Service.

Many people who use Silver Saints Handyman Service for the first time are pleasantly surprised when a well-spoken, polite and neatly turned out person turns up to tackle their ‘to do’ list.

Most of our handymen come from professional backgrounds and have life-times experience of DIY and property renovation. This means that when you book a Silver Saint’s handyman, you are getting someone who can communicate well, is used to working in high pressure environments, has excellent problem solving skills and have chosen to do this job because they understand the importance of customer service and love DIY. All our handymen have had successful professional careers but have left the confinement of the office behind to pursue a flexible, fun and rewarding career as a mobile professional London handyman.

Silver Saints are continually looking to add to their team of highly professional handymen and we know how to spot the best. In the past we have found that the most talented individuals find us through their own research about becoming a professional handyman.

Joining the team starts with an interview. We are looking for excellent communicators with outgoing and friendly personalities. The candidate will describe their practical experience and we will give then a few technical tests.

Following a positive interview the aspirant is invited to spend a day or two with one of our most experienced Saints. This is an opportunity for them to demonstrate their technical, practical and customer service skills.

We understand that no one can know everything about what we do from day one but what we are trying to spot are the individuals who have technical & practical skills, are excellent problem solvers, adopt a ‘can do’ attitude towards work and challenges, take pride in even the smallest of repairs and understand the importance of customer service.

An applicant who performs well on this ‘trial day’ will be invited to join our training and probation program. This 4-8 week period is an opportunity for the newest Saints to learn about what been a Saint is all about. They get a chance to shadow all our other Saints, fill any technical gaps in their knowledge and learn how our systems work. But mostly it is an opportunity for them to prove to us that they have all it takes to be a successful Silver Saints handyman.

Handymen are offered long term contracts based on how they performed during the probation period. In the end we only hire the best.

Silver Saints has broken the traditional handyman mould and instead of just your average ‘odd job’ man is offering highly skilled, efficient and customer focused individuals to tackle all your property repairs and installations.

For Press/Blog enquiries please contact: Andrea Britton: T: 07957264576

For the Love of Stone Fireplaces

iStock_000005415627SmallIf you are torn between a gas or wood fireplace, here are some areas you might want to consider before making your purchase. Both have strong advantages, and when it comes to the costs, both are available in diverse budget parameters so you are likely to find a match on each side of the equation. When it comes to the practical matters though, here are the practicalities that matter…


Wood is so much more soothing and comforting to look at and many people respond positively to the sight of a naked flame. With the technological advances that we have today, however, gas fireplaces can also emulate the visual attributes in a realistic way, making it difficult to choose. If you want to go for something truly authentic stone fireplaces are the most traditional option available.


Wood burning fireplaces can be sustainable if local wood is used for burning and a tree is planted for everyone that is chopped down. If you live in a forested area then running wood fires in stone fireplaces makes more sense. Using a gas fireplace requires you to burn natural gas or propane, which are limited natural resources.


The technology behind gas fireplaces ensures that they heat a space really effectively and can maintain your desired temperature quickly and easily. Wood is more traditional but can be made more efficient if you use the right inserts.


Fires from a wood burning fireplace are very rare and are highly unlikely to occur, even without using an insert. When correctly installed and maintained gas fireplaces are also really safe and highly unlikely to cause any safety problems. The Health and Safety executive illustrates the risks from the installation of stone fireplaces which is certainly worth considering.


Gas is undoubtedly a lot easier to use and a lot less work to maintain than a wood fireplace which can be quite intensive to keep burning and clean up.

Marble Hill Fireplaces provide stunning Stone Fireplaces to compliment any home, take a look at the showroom by visiting today

Tips on Designing a Home Extension

iStock_000002474541SmallA house is a home when you have a loving family. A major problem affecting happiness is usually encountered when the family grows bigger as a result of temporary or permanent guests. On top of this, you can also conceive more children. This increase, although a blessing, demands a strategy so that you can be able to cope with the new situation.

There are usually two options available for such cases. The first one is moving to a more spacious house. Since this has proven to be costlier for many people, the second option may suffice. This is extending the house. An extension on the house will without doubt save money while adding value to it at the same time. You’ll have the freedom of improving and jazzing up the space according to your tastes and preferences.

Planning for the Extension

The first thing that you’ll be required to do is to write down a plan. Don’t be limited and get as creative as you can. Brainstorm all ideas as they come to you. It’s best to involve other family members in the process. Make specific measurements with regards to the size of the extension and its location. The functionality is also significant. Ensure that you clearly state the main purposes that the extension will be serving in the plan as. Edit the plan to come up with a more concrete one that can be executed effectively.

When satisfied, hire an architect for professional assistance. It’s important to double check the plan as this will ensure all measurements are correct and there are no mistakes. Any relevant modifications will be handled at this point. In case the home extension will include a kitchen and/or bathroom, plumbing is mandatory. In addition, all electrical work must be handled by professionals as well. The architect will help you to make note of all these. Write up the budget.

Building the Extension

At this point, the next step that follows is to build according to the plan. You may have to hire building contractors for the job. Make sure that windows are located in strategic places as this will allow sufficient sunlight to enter the room. Consider your privacy. Since the contractors will literally invade your home, make prior preparations to minimize movements as much as possible. Provide easy access in and out of the extension so that other areas of the house are kept clean. Remember, construction is a messy affair and will leave you with a lot of cleaning work when not handled properly.

In general, it’s advisable to conduct an efficient research before purchasing building materials. This will enable you to get the best available deals. Try to match the interior with the exterior for an even and appealing finish. After the extension is complete, the last step is deciding on a look for it. There are many options to go for with the most common ones being country and contemporary. Move in the furniture required for the room(s). Now, you can enjoy the extension of the house.

How To Take Care Of A Washing Machine

There are so many variants of washing machine, in its humble beginnings to more modern built in washer dryers  and eventual steam cleans and other scary tech. For the moment though, there’s a problem people face with how best to maintain their washer. Here, I’ve compiled a list of five of the things to think of when faced with a dirty washer.

  1. Deep cleaning – Do your clothes come out as clean as they should? Or is there a funny smell inside the drum? It’s time for a deep clean then! There are several products out there that tackle the grimiest of deposits, but you’ll want to run an empty cycle to clean your machine too. You can make your own DIY washing – machine cleaner! Make a solution of 3/4 cup of bleach and 1 tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent. Let the solution run down a soak cycle of your machine, and then run rinse it to get rid of the bleach and clear it out.
  2. Clean that fabric softener dispenser – Probably the nastiest part of any washing machine, at least at my mum’s house, the drawer is packed full of nasties. Clean it out; it will get rid of the smell!
  3. Mop up spills – If you spill anything on your washer, you should wipe it away with a damp cloth or wet wipe straight away — don’t let the spill sit for long. What’s the issue? Most washer tops are made of porcelain or synthetic enamel. This finish can be damaged by exposure to liquid solutions, even tea!
  4. Clean the door – If your machine happens to be an integrated washing machine, you may find gunk in between the doors, on the ledge of the door, etc. Give everything a good solid wipe, and maybe even take the door off for a proper clean.
  5. Keep the door open – You’re supposed to leave the lid or door to the washing machine open after every load! I only learnt this recently, but leaving the door close doesn’t let the moisture evaporate effectively. Don’t close the door!
  6. Wipe it down — out ‘n’ in – It’s important to wipe down the outside of your washing machine about once a week, just as you would any surface at home. The best solution is a mild dishwashing soap (which cuts grease) and hot water.  Don’t forget the drums – You should wipe down the inside drum of the machine with a damp cloth. It’s easy for lint, dirt or soapy residue to build up inside.

Choosing the Right Stairlift

Now I know this may be a long time coming for many readers, but there is a need to think about this. We all age (I’m sorry, it’s true; If I find the fountain of youth, ill share it with you all!!), but with age comes the inevitability of our body losing some of its mobility we enjoy in our earlier days.  To ensure we maintain an active life and keep our ability to move around the home, a stair lift is a product that should be considered properly.

Stairlift dealers provide us with many types of stairlift, and the one you will require will depend on a) Your personal requirements, b) Your home and c) Your finances.

Straight Stairlifts and Curved Stairlifts – These are by the far the two most common types of stairlift available. The names are somewhat self-explanatory, and which of the two you will require all depends on shape of your staircase. If your staircase is perfectly straight, then (obviously!) a straight stairlift would be the best fit. However, if the staircase in your home has any bends, curves or corners, then a curved stairlift would be more appropriate.

Wheelchair Lift and Through-Floor Lifts – Whilst a wheelchair lift is more common in commercial buildings, it is also possible to have them installed in a home environment providing the stairs are wide enough. A wheelchair lift is similar to a stairlift, in that it has a rail attached to the stairs, but rather than a seat it has a platform large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. For this reason, an alternative name for a wheelchair life is a platform lift.

Outdoor Stairlifts – If you must use stairs to access your building or garden, then an outdoor stairlift would be the ideal solution for you. They are built to withstand all weathers we have.

Now if you have a limited budget, you needn’t fret. Stairlifts are available as both second-hand models and rentals. Reconditioned will be fully serviced and will have new features (like the seat and arm bars). A rental stairlift will have the same features, with the exception of ownership. Renting a stairlift can cost as little as £10 per month. It’s a good idea to assess how long you will likely need a stairlift for before committing to buying or renting.

If you have any questions, worries or need advice, companies like Platinum Stairlifts are more than happy to help if you get in touch.

Construction Essentials – Thermal Insulation

When asked what the purpose of insulation is, the chances are that the majority of us would answer ‘heat loss reduction’ or ‘used to keep heat in’ or something similar and rightly so. However, the word insulation is a broad term covering all different types of  insulation used for very different purposes including fireproofing, soundproofing, impact cushioning and electrical insulation. Thermal insulation is without a doubt the most popular and widely used in buildings throughout the world to help the
interior achieve what’s known as Thermal Comfort by preventing the excessive loss of heat and to also prevent the gain of heat if the exterior is warmer than the interior. Thermal Comfort is when an individual like you or I, are comfortable with the interior environment of a building, meaning that we are not too hot and not too cold, it’s when we feel just right. This is not just dependent on thermal insulation, the state of mind that is Thermal Comfort also depends on other factors, mainly heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC for short. An abbreviation used by engineers to ensure the comfort of individuals inside a building.

Thermal insulation plays a big part in this however; there are many types of thermal insulation made from a range of different materials that come in all shapes and sizes. These include Glass Wool (one of the most commonly used) Polystyrene, perlite, plant fibre, wood fibre, animal fibre and even simple materials like soil and concrete. These materials are designed specifically as thermal insulators and are not designed for the purpose of reducing sound pressure, however each of the materials will have some effect on sound due to the dead space being filled with an absorptive material. The use of plant fibre, wood fibre, perlite and other loose insulators are perfect for situations where the empty wall cavity cannot be fully accessed to allow installation of squares of glass fibre for example. Once a small point of accessed is found or created leading into the wall cavity, the loose insulation can then be blown in using specialised equipment. However, a high point of entry towards the top of the wall is recommended allowing the wall to ‘fill up without coming straight out of the hole you’re using – common sense plays a big part here. Once the wall has been filled, the access point can be closed and sealed. In cases where a building doesn’t have a wall cavity, exterior insulation can be used, giving the same effect without disturbing the interior of the building. Cladding or render are the two different types of exterior thermal insulation. Cladding comes in the form of timber panels or shingles, clay or stone tiles and panels made from aluminium. There is also a brick finish available should you not want to lose the traditional appearance of your red brick building. Render can be a little less expensive than cladding, however it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing substance to look at when it’s dried but that’s nothing a few coats of colourful paint can’t handle. It resembles interior plastering, as a cement like substance is smoothed over a wire or fibre mesh attached to the buildings exterior. Once dry it may make the building look like a smooth concrete structure, so it’s definitely recommended that you have a nice light coloured paint to apply as soon as it’s dry.

No matter what your thermal insulation needs are, it’s always recommended to get the advice of an energy saving professional when deciding what type would be best for your project.


Why There Are More Reasons To Use The Hoover Linx Vacuum

LINX file_90_3The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum has changed the way cleaning procedures are completed. Incorporating patented technology, there are numerous properties included for enhanced cleaning and improved hygiene levels. This apparatus has been developed according to an upright design for ease of use and the complete removal of dirt.

Being Cordless And Having A Lithium Battery Has Its Advantages
The cordless feature has proven most favorable as it allows for simple operation and convenience. Hard to reach places can be cleaned more efficiently and you will not be limited by the length of the power cable. All carpets as well as rugs may be deeply cleaned with the use of this device for increased hygiene and much to the relief of all individuals suffering from particular allergies.

It possesses a Lithium-Ion battery that may be recharged on a regular basis with the necessary cabling. With the power controls positioned close to the fingertips it is easier to reach all of the desired functions. The purpose of the design is to create apparatus that will deliver a greater performance level while providing a higher power output.

Powerful Suction Technology Despite Being Small And Lightweight

The vacuum possesses a high suction power and is therefore able to deliver a deeper clean. The Wind Tunnel technology is patented and allows for a greater collection of all types of dirt including hard to remove pet hair. Its quiet operation means that it will not create a large amount of noise making it more pleasant to handle.

This machine weighs an approximate 7 pounds for longer lasting and more comfortable handling around the home. With the head designed to cover an area of 11 inches it can suction a greater amount of dust and other types of dirt. It has also been manufactured to allow for more efficient cleaning processes from the rinsing of filters to bottom cup removal for dirt build up.

Gauge For Battery Life Identifies Power Balance And Rapid Recharge System

The placement of the gauge allows one to easily identify the remaining battery power. It may deliver an approximated 20 minutes of power cleaning when it has been charged for a couple of hours making it ideal for a quick clean. It is important to assess cleaning requirements and alternatives that will serve as more efficient and easy to operate.

With the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum one may be provided with modern features for a convenient and powerful clean-up. It includes the 18 volt battery operation, cordless function and cyclonic filtration for greater output. The inclusion of patent properties makes it a unique device that is able to deliver greater levels of efficiency.

To read more about this popular home cleaning tool, visit the site Hoover Steamvac Carpet Cleaner.