The Importance of Having a Tidy Kitchen

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Making your home look its best is the first step to take before you even consider putting your property on the market. Your kitchen is one of the key selling points in your home and it is the room which many buyers look at first. So why is it so important that your kitchen is tidy and presentable to viewers?


Space and size are important factors

The size and style of a kitchen can be the difference between an instant sale and viewers walking straight back out the door. If your kitchen is cramped and untidy it will look smaller and less inviting. Ensure that you remove any washing up, laundry or extra furnishings as buyers want to see themselves in your home. Your kitchen may be small in which case many viewers can be put off. Have you thought of ways to create more space to entice buyers? There may be unnecessary worktops in your kitchen which you could remove to make more space and open up the room. You may have a dining table taking up space. This is ok in larger kitchens but you may want to remove it if your kitchen is already on the small side.

The kitchen is a social area

The kitchen is often the first place that people go when they come home. People also want to be able to cater to guests in their new home and many people invite them into their kitchens. Your home may even have a garden which is accessed via the kitchen so guests will often see this area. Buyers want to see a kitchen that is inviting to themselves and to any guests they may have in the future so make sure that you make your kitchen appear spacious, yet inviting. Adding a table makes the kitchen look like an area guests will want to sit in but make sure that it doesn’t take up too much space. Paint the kitchen in light, airy colours to give the illusion of space also.

People want to have space to cook

People want practical yet stylish kitchens which are easy to move around in. People want to be able to cook without banging into things after all. If you leave clutter around or don’t make the best use of the space available in your kitchen then you could run the risk of putting buyers off. Made to measure designs are available which are measured to fit your kitchen exactly minus the extra sharp edges, worktops and unnecessary fixtures. These kitchens are designed to fit your appliances in snugly so that there is no clutter. Tidying up your kitchen can often mean making an investment but this investment can significantly increase the value of your home and result in a quicker sale.

Buyers may not even consider making an offer if they see an old, cluttered kitchen therefore you should make this your first port of call when you are cleaning and making home improvements. A tidy, clean and well-kept kitchen can have an instant impact on buyers and, if you go one step further and make improvements, then it can also add value to your asking price and you might be able to sell your house quickly.

Choosing the perfect kitchen appliances for your home

When it comes to finding the right kitchen appliances it can be difficult to fine the perfect ones for your needs. Your kitchen appliances are some of the biggest investments you will make so you want to ensure they are quality which will last you a long time. There is a lot to think about when buying kitchen appliances, from energy saving, to high end designer models, to low cost models, how do you choose?


Refrigerator – This may seem like an easy choice right? You want the big flashy American style one with an ice machine and drinks dispenser, right? Well, this might not necessarily be the right choice for you. Think about how much food you will be storing in your fridge at any given time, do you need so much room? Having a big fridge in your kitchen may look great, but you can be wasting a lot of energy and money if its not being used to its full potential. For larger families, larger capacity units will be necessary, as well as the ability for longer preservation of food. Higher end models that offer dual refrigeration, on-door controls, and energy efficiency may be more important for your family’s needs. If there are only a few people in your home, you may want to opt for a small built-in model, which looks just as fantastic!



Oven/Stove – The right oven for you will depend on how much of a cook you are in the kitchen? The oven you choose can really affect the way you cook your food. Convection over conventional ovens tends to use more energy but for expert cooks they enjoy the even distribution over heat and can usually cook their food faster and with more control. However, if you’re just an amateur and just use the oven and stove when is needed then you will benefit more from an electric stove and oven are your best bets.


Washing Machine – Again when choosing your washing machine, consider how many people are in your home? If you have a large family it is likely your washing machine could be used daily and therefore you will needs once with a larger capacity and one which will last you a long time without having to replace it. You may need to replace parts of your washing machine after a while and they get worn, you can find everything you may need at Spares4Appliances.

3 Accessories For The Home

When it comes to interior design, the most fun part for many is buying accessories. Once you have chosen the large pieces such as wallpaper and furnishings such as a sofa, the smaller accessories and little touches that truly make it your space will be next on your list. A lot of the time you browse round the shops and see this one accessory that you just have to have, which often inspires you to make some changes. Here are some popular accessories and easy ways to add personality to your home:

Photo frames

Pictures of fun times you have had with family and friends should always be displayed in your home. Photo frames have changed so much from the boring, dull looking frames that were once the only thing available, however you can now get lots of funky shapes and pretty colours that create the perfect display.


Of course having lights around the room is necessary so you can see on a night, but they are also pieces that look like they could be art available. From glittering chandeliers to unique table lamps and much more, there is lots of choice on offer from Arrow Electrical. Choosing chrome adds a modern feel to a room whilst you can keep it more traditional and go for brass; it all just depends on your taste.


These soft furnishings can be added in a living area or your bedroom and are not only really comfy to lie on but look brilliant too. No matter what your personality is like or your favourite colour, you will find a cushion that will match it. You can even design your own cushion covers online, so you could put a picture of just about anything on one to get something truly unique.

Create a Comfortable and Ergonomic Office Space

Whether you work in an office in a large building or spend hours working from home in your very own office, you should have the correct furniture within the room. It doesn’t matter if it is the company you work for or yourself buying the furniture, the ergonomics of the room must be right and follow certain rules to ensure your health and safety isn’t compromised.


If you do work in a corporate office then it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that the workplace is set up in the correct way. Everything from the seat to the room you are in needs checking and if you have any questions then you would be able to clear up your concerns with your employer.


If you work from home and have an office area already, or perhaps are thinking about setting one up, then make sure you buy the right furniture in the first place. Initially when buying a desk and a chair, make sure that you can pull fully into the desk. You should sit straight up in your chair and it should be able to swivel. There are lots of office chairs from MDM Furniture that would provide you with this support. Your feet should touch the floor, with your arms comfortably resting upon armrests and also upon the desk at a 90 degree angle.


You should also make sure that your window is positioned to the side or in front of you, if it is behind then you will get the glare onto your screen which isn’t good for your eyes. With the desk being at the right height for you to sit at, it usually means that the monitor or laptop will fall shorts of your eye level. If this is the case then you should make sure you buy a laptop stand so that your posture stays in the correct position and you do not put strain on your neck from looking down all the time.


As well as the window position, you must make sure you always have enough light in the room. If it is a lovely sunny day then the natural light through the window should be enough, however if it is dull the room should be properly illuminated with ceiling or wall lights. So go through each component and check it will create the right environment, getting everything set up correctly to begin with will save you a pain in the back, neck and wallet!

How Lighting Choice Makes A Difference To Your Home

Home Lighting can really set the mood of a room and give it some personality. There are various brands and designs that are available now and the type of style that you pick can really change a room. For example if you want something to give off a calm and relaxed mood to the room, spotlights with dimmer bulbs would help create this, to really glam up a room and make the fixture a show stopping piece a crystal chandelier is a must have. It all depends on the style of light fitting and here are a couple of ideas of what interior creations you could come up with thanks to light fittings:

Ceiling light

I used the red Diyas ceiling light from Castlegate Lights for the inspiration for the first design. The striking red colour fits perfectly into a kitchen space and is the key to bringing the secondary colour of red promptly into the room. You can make the most of this splash of colour by adding a number of accessories too such as the salt and pepper mills in the image.

Standing light

This stunning standing light matched together with the ceiling light are a great combination, and is a perfect choice for a living room where you require more light compared to somewhere such as a bedroom. The gold tint to the crystals works well with the cream, brown and blue colour scheme too. Adding the hint of blue through the cushions and other accessories leaves the accent colour open to change. For example during the winter you may want to change it to orange for a cosier feel and keep the blue during the summer to add a fresh feel.

The colour, shape and type of lighting you choose can heavily influence a room. Plus if you are unsure of what direction to go in or what colour you wish to opt for, start with the accessories and pick your favourite lighting design. These choice might just give you the inspiration and ideas you need to help picture and create your perfect room.

Home lighting

Add a pop of colour to the home with the right furnishings

Summer is here and now is a good time to add a pop of colour to the home to add a splash of personality and fun. Summer is associated with bright and vibrant colour which is why adding a summer vibe to the home is vitally essential to ensure it suits each new season as it comes.

There are many ways to add colour to the home without redecorating the walls and this can be done through the use of bold chairs, cushions, wall art, clocks and other items of furniture.

Many furniture stores cater a selection of summer themed pieces but one that really stands out from them all is a furniture store called, Fusion Living who provide a range of contemporary, chic and high quality styles which each will provide a burst of colour and energy to the home.

Some of the top picks from Fusion Living which would suit many rooms in the home include the following:

Bar stools are great for the kitchen as they are perfect to keep with the breakfast bar or next to the work countertops to ensure the kitchen can be a social and extremely colourful gathering for friends and family.


Next up is armchairs as not only are they a timeless items of furniture but this stylishly striped slipper armchair with multicolour will make the perfect and vibrant addition to a living room or even a bedroom.


Accessories are a fantastic way do dress up and add a touch of bold style to the home and these Malini cushions will do just that if they are scattered across the sofa, bed or even as cushions or dining room chairs.




Lighting is a great way to add a summer glow to many rooms in the home and these can be purchased in many shades of colours so not only do they brighten the room but they will also add plenty of style and homeliness.


How to renovate your home without the hefty bill

Everybody knows the mantra ‘there’s no place like home’ which is exactly why it is important to love the surroundings you are in. After all, if you are spending hours of your life in your house, you want it to convey a homey feel so your family and friends can come over to visit and feel welcome.

After living in the same house for so long, you can soon get sick of the sight of the same four walls. However, when thinking about redecorating, you may not have enough cash in the bank to foot the hefty bill to pay for labourers and materials. Fortunately, there is a secret to renovating your home without having to pay a fortune and that is – keeping it plain and simple.

For starters, opt for neutral colours such as white, beige and black. These shades will act as a base and will allow you to change up the décor each season by swapping the colour of your accessories from red in winter to lime green in the spring.

If you choose to paint your walls, you will be able to cut out the professional labours by doing it yourself. By painting your walls in a neutral shade, you will be able to hang up pictures or canvases to portray your personality or the mood of the room. For example, the living room walls could be decorated with sport canvas prints as it is where all of the entertainment happens.


As for your floor, you could ask a friend or family member who has expertise in flooring but can help you out for a smaller fee than what qualified labourers would charge. Again, keep your flooring simple by choosing wooden laminate or a neutral coloured carpet so it does not conflict with any of your other décor choices when you decide to vary your accessories throughout the year. This should help to save you money as you will only have to replace your interior accessories to make an impact on the look of the rooms in your home.