Choosing the right taps for a freestanding bath

Using a freestanding bath can often seem like a daunting choice in a lot of the homes of today, given that space is quite often at a premium. Whilst a lot of freestanding baths on the market today will use a lot of space within a bathroom, given that they often need to be placed away from a wall in a central location, there are a significant amount of freestanding baths that are designed for smaller bathroom spaces or can even be mounted against a wall.

Freestanding baths are fantastically versatile in lending themselves to the design aesthetic of the bathroom that they’re placed in. For more traditional bathroom designs, roll top baths look stunning when placed in the centre of a room. If you’re striving for a more minimalist and contemporary designed bathroom, pick a freestanding bath with sleek curves and a pure white finish. Freestanding baths are all about making that style statement and taking guests by surprise when they enter the room.

The key to making a freestanding bath work in a contemporary themed bathroom space is to choose the right co-ordinating bath taps. There are often three options for matching taps to a freestanding bath and these are:

* Freestanding bath taps

Although an expensive choice, freestanding bath taps look absolutely stunning when paired with a freestanding or roll top bath. Freestanding bath taps are usually mounted firmly to the floor, concealing pipework and other fittings, and raised by sleek shrouds to the height of the bath. Freestanding taps will support almost any type of bath tap that you need, from the humble bath filler to the extravagant bath shower mixer.

* Deck mounted bath taps

Deck mounted bath taps are a fantastic choice if there is enough room on the edges of your freestanding bath for tap holes to be drilled and deck taps to be fitted. They’re the most common type of bath tap on the market today and will always be seen attached to the baths edge in standard straight and double ended baths.

* Wall mounted bath taps

If you have a freestanding bath that sits comfortably next to an adjacent wall then wall mounted bath taps might just be the choice for you. The benefit of having wall mounted bath taps is that almost all fittings and pipework are hidden neatly in the wall, allowing you to have a fully concealed bath mixer tap set or bath filler spout.


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De-clutter, De-stress!

RemovalAnxiety, feeling out of control, and being overwhelmed are often indications of a cluttered lifestyle. Shambolic homes crammed with broken appliances, old furniture and piles of promotional post, or an unsystematic working environment can create unnecessary chaos and disorientation and leaves one feeling lethargic, obscure and unenthusiastic about everything.

Clutter affects more than someone’s outlook on life, it has a big impact on career progression, personal relationships and physical health; it may also influence opinions of colleagues, friends and family.

Mental and Emotional Health

It is also seen as a physical manifestation of one’s mental health. People who are hoarders have similar characteristics; they are often late to work, seem distant, forgetful and stressed.

Clutter affects the mental and emotional capabilities; it can limit motivation, performance and even social interaction. It fuels stress levels which has implications of its own; suppressed immune response, heart disease, insomnia and depression. Excessive clutter can also expose us to bacteria, mould, and pests.

Working Environment

When one is not organised in their personal life, it usually spills into their professional life and stunts their career progression. This disorderly way of living means deadlines can be missed, you end up working longer hours, and important stuff is lost.

Managers lose trust in unreliable employees and the chance of catching that big break will never come. Clutter equals stress.

Physical Health

Peter Walsh, author of “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?” believes there is an association between the amount of clutter people have and their excess weight; a life of consumption he calls it. His theory may not be accurate but there is sense behind his way of thinking.

A life where time is constantly spent on looking for house keys, clothing items or work documents is not one that leaves room for a healthy diet or time to exercise. On-the-go croissants, cheesy-panini’s and microwave dinners do not provide the nutritional value one needs to be proactive, to feel good and to keep off the extra weight. Take a step back and plan your week’s diet; wake up 15 minutes earlier and eat breakfast or plan healthy meals for 3 evenings and stick to it. Working towards a healthy lifestyle, is the right step forwards in achieving a controlled living environment.

Our Top 5 Tips to help make your life a little more organised:

a) Start a healthier diet. When you are feeling better within your physical health, you will subconsciously want to improve on other areas of your life.

b) Take small steps and make a plan to put an hour aside every week, fortnight or month. During this time focus on one area and begin clearing. This is a great opportunity to give to

charity and those in need. Be strict on yourself, ask yourself “how will this item benefit my day-to-day life?” if it doesn’t then chuck it, file it or recycle it.

c) Any large items such as sports equipment, holiday gear or Christmas decorations can all go into a self-storage unit close to home. Do not let these once off occasions clutter your life!

d) Once you feel better at home, rearrange your working environment. Either implement a filing system or delete accumulated junk mail and bring home any item hoarding under your desk.

e) This is my favourite and I do this every 3 months; Rearrange your bedroom. Divide your shelves and hanging space into separate compartments for trousers, jumpers, t-shirts, skirts, pyjamas and dresses, separate your socks from your knickers and even label the shelves to ensure the order is kept. Take out empty product bottles or cloth tags and ensure everything has a place to go. Go the extra mile and put fresh linen on the bed, there will be an instant gratification to this task.

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Robin Greenwood on behalf of Storage King; who offer self-storage solutions in nationwide locations for everyone. Whether it’s personal, student or business, short or long term, Storage King has you covered.

How to take care of your bathroom.

The throne room – or more accurately, the bathroom is a sanctuary. However, despite the allusions of grandeur it can also be a place for muck, filth and germs to appear. It isn’t much of a problem to the naked eye, but all that dirt can lend itself to disease, build ups of limescale (or worse), or even nasty smells. It doesn’t take much to tell your bathroom is dirty, but for those not quite in the know we’ve put together some bathroom cleaning tips, just to help you clean your bathroom right!

1) De-clutter!  Get rid of those old bottles, wipe down all the counter tops and throw away old hairclips or broken nail clippers (sell them on eBay!)

2) If you keep a window wiper in your shower it makes glass screen maintenance a lot easier, provided you wipe your glass after every shower!


3) If you have a bin without holes in it, you can use this as a cleaning bucket! Fill the bin with water, soap and/or disinfectant, and you have the perfect cleaning tub. Empty it out after, and your bin will be clean too.

4) Ignoring number 2, if you have a shower curtain make sure to take it off before you wipe it down, or even throw it in a washing machine!

5) Lazy Tip: Washing the mirror and the tap to sparkling will make the entire bathroom seem much cleaner!

6) Toilets – They have many parts. Don’t forget to clean the handle, seat, lid, (any sort of buttons or extraneous equipment) and especially around the base of the loo. Check between cracks in the floor if your bathroom is tiled, too!

7) It’s easy to clean as you go. Keep a scrubbing sponge on the end of the tub, and scrub out the bath before soaping to clean myself. Whenever you wash up, shave, brush your teeth, etc, take 30 seconds to wipe down the sink and counter-top after finishing.

8) Don’t use soap bars, they create scum that’s hard to get rid of!

9) If all else fails, buy a self-cleaning toilet. At least that will stay clean.

Well, there are our top tips. I think it’s wise after all of that to take a relaxing bath, provided of course you’ve cleaned it properly!

5 Necessities for Throwing a Great Party

Yescom-Home-11-1Throwing a party for friends and family should be a time of fun and enjoyment. It should also be something that your guests remember for a long time, and this can cause worry for the person having the party. Do you have a themed night so that everyone knows what to expect? Or do you have a big formal meal with lots to drink? There are so many ways in which you can throw a party that it can seem overwhelming, but there are some things which every party has to have, and knowing those essentials can help to keep your party on track.

1) Good Food and Wine
The most important element of any party is the food and drink. If this is a flop, then the rest of the party might as well not be happening – your guests will only remember the disappointing fare. As a host, you want to give your guests the best, so make sure that you are prepared in this area. Even if you don’t drink yourself, you should probably serve some form of alcohol, and even if you only intend to serve nibbles, you should make sure that they are tasty and satisfying nibbles. Remember to mix alcohol and soft drinks, as well as non-salty and salty foods, to ensure that guests can eat and drink what they want.

2) Fun
The other really-must-have essential for any good party is fun. This doesn’t have to be enforced fun, such as silly party games that no-one really wants to play, but could instead be group games, or a competition between guests. Even if you don’t provide formal fun, you should still be ensuring that your guests have a good time. A soccer ball can ensure a good kick-about while the food is being prepared, for example. If you know what your guests like, then you could tune your fun items to match their particular passions.Yescom-Home-6-1

3) Space
Holding a party in a tiny, cramped room is not a good idea. One way to ensure that your guests have lots of fun is to have the party outside. There are plenty of canopies and offset patio umbrellas available to ensure that guests are shaded and protected from rain, and it is much better than trying to squeeze all of your friends into a tight space.

4) Music
Most parties are nothing without good music, and it is up to the host to select the music and sound system for the party. You might be alright with a CD player and a stack of old tunes from your youth, but you might also want to hire a professional DJ to help get the sound right for your party. If you are holding it outdoors, then it is important to remember that sound will be diffused, so guests might have trouble hearing when they are close to the sound.

5) Atmosphere
You can serve good food, you can provide fun and great music, but if you don’t have a good atmosphere, your party will be a flop. Almost all of the time, this atmosphere is provided by your guests, so inviting along a group of friends, who all like each other, is perhaps the best way to create a pleasant feeling. Having a good space, including fitting your patio furniture with
offset patio umbrellas from can also help to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere, and ensure your party goes well.