Easy Lock Upgrades For Home Security

Mortice-Lock-ForendHome security is often overlooked until the worst happens, however the protection of your loved ones and possessions should be at the forefront of all home owners minds.

Simple actions can be taken to increase the security of your home, you should start by inspecting your current locks to see if they are not only working properly but are secure enough.

Door Locks

External doors can be placed into 2 separate categories, wooden solid doors and plastic UPVC doors, these two types of doors are both locked and secured in very different ways.  Mortice locks, with more traditional larger mortice keys are typically found on solid wooden doors, a hole is cut into the side of the door to accept the mortice lock case, the only visible part of these locks are the forend which can be seen on the edge of the door.  Often the forend will give details about the lock and its security level, on this example, we can see the lock brand at the top, number of levers in the middle and BS Kite Mark at the bottom, showing this lock has been accredited with BS3621:2004.  When checking your existing locks, look out for these stamps, ideally locks fitted to external door should be at least 5 Lever British Standard, if you do not have a lock to this standard, then consideration should be taken to upgrade the lock, checks should also be made with your home insurance details, often a minimum security level for locks is specified.  Replacement mortice locks can easily be sourced and fitted to match your current lock size, simply remove the lock from the door and measure the lock case and forend length / width, a suitable alternative can then be easily sourced.

Euro-CylinderUPVC plastic doors are normally much thinner than wooden doors and therefore can not accept a mortice lock.  Multipoint locking mechanisms have been developed to offer excellent protection for PVC doors, they use a mixture of bolts and hooks to provide locking security, often engaged by lifting the door handle.  UPVC lock cases will be operated by a simple Euro or Oval barrel lock, these cylinders fit through the door and lock case and once the key is turned, it will lock the multipoint lock and secure the door.  The locking cylinders are available in many sizes to suit all door types and thickness and also differing security levels.  5 pin cylinders are the most common, however these have proved weak against various types of attack, including lock picking, bumping and snapping.  Higher security levels can be achieved by replacing these less secure lock barrels with Kite Marker alternatives, look out for cylinders that have Anti Snap, bump and pick protection.

Window Locks

All windows should be secured with a key operated lock, this can be a locking window handle, however, as the price of replacement windows fall, so does the quality of the handles and locks.  Extra window locks can be fitted to compliment any existing locks.  Sash stoppers are one of the most popular types of secondary lock for windows, as they are easy to fit, cheap to buy and simple to operate.  Also known as their brand name of Sash Jammers, they can be purchased in a colour to suit existing windows with locking and non locking options, the simple nature of these locks means they are more likely to be used when securing and leaving a house.

Other locks

Patio doors are vulnerable to attack as their locking systems are often weaker than front or back doors and often not overlooked by neighbours or from the street, this could allow an intruder to spend more time trying to gain entry.  Simple push to lock patio door locks can be fitted to add extra security and strength and also provide anti lift protection.

Front doors can be further protection with security items such as, door chains to allow caller identification before a door is fully opened, door bars to provide extra strength to door frames and thus restrict a force attack and hinge bolts again to offer defence for a force attack but also essential for doors that open outwards with exposed hinge plates.

Access Control Devices to lookout for in 2014

Locksonline are a security retailers, hailing from the UK and have been in the business for over 15 years. Their MD Darrel Walters is a locksmith and has 25 years experience himself.

In this article, we are going to go over some access control devices for your business that would of been deemed futurism just a few years back. These devices maintain a nice balance between high security and convenience. We have a lot of enquirys as to the best type of locking solution in this catagory so we have compiled a list of what we think are some of the best.


GSM Switch

These have been designed and manufactered by GM techtronics/Daitem. They provide an excellent and convinient form of access control that works in conjunction with your mobile phone. During installation you are able to set up trusted numbers, then when a call or text is placed from a trusted number a signal is sent to the GSM switch which opens your door for a period of time set by you. Extra kudos for combining this with Siris voice application, saving your number as door, allowing you to voice operate access to your home of office! RRP £125 + VAT


Wireless Door Intercom

This model is also a GM techtronic/Daitem access control device. These kits allow you to install up to 4 intercoms per office or home, which allows communcation between the system. The main feature of these intercoms are its ability to send open and close or on/off signals to doors and lights. This allows you to remotely provide access control to restricted areas or simply front doors as well as being extremely convinient. RRP £444.30 + VAT


Electrical locks

Electric locks such as the Yale Digital Keyless lock give you keypad combination security functions on main doors. It has a massive range of features and is very user friendly, installation is very simple and of course, due to it not needing mains power, there is no mile long trail of cables. You are able to add a number of different passcodes that can range of 6-12 digits.This model takes batterys that can withstand 100,000 uses and has low battery warnings well in advance of them running out on you. This model is also BS3621 rated, so it is covered by british insurance requirements. £109.49 + VAT


Mechanical combination locks

Locksonlines favourate range of mechanical locks are the KABA simplex unican 1000 series. These locks are heavy duty peices of equipment that are used in high priority buildings across europe such as hospitals and banks. These models do not require power to function so there is no reason they can’t be used under emergancy circumstances. Keypad entry faces the exterior and the interior has a quick and easy to use knob turn that allows a quick exit. These kits include, keypad/KABA lock, latch, strike plate and code changing tool. RRP £209.95 + VAT

I hope this article has been informative to you. Access control devices can sometimes be confusing as there are quite a wide range of different types available. If you have any questions please direct them here or enquires@locksonline.co.uk. We are also available to live chat and by phone on 08452300201.

Warm Regards

Lee Donoghue


Top 4 Reasons To Use Furniture Storage Space

ShuttersStorage and space issues are problems for many households today and, for a number of reasons, many residents rid their rooms of furniture to incorporate redecorated home style or scale back property size. Combat these hectic times by enlisting the help of a home storage provider like Len Lothian Store & More, who offer domestic storage facilities across Edinburgh and Glasgow. Read on to discover why to choose secure storage room, where your furniture can be kept safe in a storage locker and not discarded into a skip.


Seasonal Storage

As the harsh winter weather draws in, opportunities to relax in the garden are diminished, meaning outdoor garden furniture is vulnerable to inclement weather elements. Even with protective materials and covers, garden furniture is susceptible to rain and frost. Temporary storage units provide ideal shield for patio furniture, since many homes do not have adequate storage space. A reliable self-storage company can help.



Rising property prices, coupled with ongoing financial problems, have unfortunately caused many people to downsize. Those expectant of a return to a larger property often turn to the services of a storage company such as Len Lothian Store & More to stock surplus furniture and domestic possessions. Hiring storage space is a much more cost-effective solution than buying expensive new furniture at a later date.



The appeal of minimalism is reflected in the lack of clutter and open spaces offered by furnishing one’s home in a simple manner. Does this style suit your tastes? An overabundance of furniture counters the reductive nature of minimalism. A professional self-storage service can help you achieve the minimalist effect you desire, and with Len Lothian offering flexible storage and removal rates, putting the furniture you don’t need into storage has never been easier.



Home improvement work creates dust, mess and debris that can compromise the condition of your furniture. Some DIY enthusiasts try to cover all of their furniture with dust sheets for protection, but the only way to totally preserve quality is to remove them from the home until the DIY work is complete – this is made possible with the use of a storage facility. If you are intent on keeping your furniture in your home while you carry out the project, Len Lothian’s online store also provides a range of dust covers, as well as other essential packing items.

Storage facilities come in all shapes and sizes, and whatever reason you have for wishing to store your furniture, you can be sure that Len Lothian Store & More will be able to accommodate your needs. With their 24-hour CCTV facilities and affordable prices, furniture storage really is the future!

Heating your Conservatory

One of the best ways to acquire more living space in a home that has become a bit cramped is to add a conservatory. It is usually a fairly inexpensive project and can enhance the visual appeal of a home. As long as the conservatory has a separate heating system from the main part of the home, there are no building regulations to contend with when doing construction. Efficient heating can be a challenge, but there are several viable options like conservatory radiators.

Electric Radiators

One of the best options among conservatory radiators is the electric type that is separate from the central heating system used in the rest of the house. This type of heating system is a less expensive choice due to lack of government regulations and ease of installation. Electric conservatory radiators can heat the room very quickly, and can be turned off when the room is not being used in order to save on utility bills and conserve energy. It is best to incorporate the electric conservatory radiators into the initial building plan, because adding them later can detract away from the room’s décor and ambiance.

Tubular Radiators

Another option among conservatory radiators is the tubular version. A tubular radiator is essentially a cylinder that has a heating strip wound on the inside. Tubular radiators are typically installed low to the ground, and they can be conveniently hidden by furniture. This is an easy heating option to install after the conservatory is built. Tubular radiators are small, but they still give off a great deal of heat, and they are excellent alternatives to more conventional radiators that are installed on walls.

Electric Panel Heaters

A major advantage of electric panel heaters UK is the fact that the portable types can be stored away during the warmer summer months. Electric panel heaters from Power Heating do a good job of keeping a conservatory nice and warm during the winter, and they can be placed strategically to blend in with the interior design and decoration of a conservatory. The portable versions, however, do use a considerable amount of electricity which will cause a noticeable increase in utility costs.

Other Conservatory Heating Options

Under floor heating is a very practical method of warming a conservatory. It is invisible, virtually silent and easy to install. These heating systems can be used with most types of flooring, and are operated with a thermostat. Under floor heating that uses hot water in plastic pipes is efficient, but does require plumbing and adequate boiler capacity. Another good option for heating a conservatory is the old fashioned wood burning stove. Along with providing heat, wood burning stoves come in a wide range of designs that can blend well with a conservatory’s décor. It is important that a wood burning stove is installed by a professional to prevent fire hazards.

When building a conservatory, it is vital to plan well, and use the right materials for construction in order to make the room as energy efficient as possible. This will make heating the space easier and less costly. Proper insulation is crucial during construction, and low-e coated glass windows can help trap heat from sunlight in the room. A well-built, attractive conservatory is, not only visually appealing, but a great way to increase a home’s value.