National Smart Meter Awareness

A new infographic released from Smart Energy GB shows that a majority of people who have one find them accurate, with 76% trusting the information that they give as opposed to 57% who think the old system does a good job. It also shows that unsurprisingly gadget-friendly younger people are more interested in the device, and that 59% of people who have heard of one would like one. The northwest is more clued up about smart meters, and the main appeal of having one is in being able to count up your energy usage in pounds and pence, the graphic shows.


National Smart Meter Awareness


Yale May Day DIY imageWhat’s your favourite part of doing up your house? Is it the first lick of paint, or the finishing touches? Is it those big endeavours that span months, or the little projects you can get done during a rainy April afternoon…?

Whatever it is, I’d be willing to bet it’s nothing to do with the practicalities, like home security.

Yes, people tend to like the things that make a difference to the look and feel of the home, and once they’ve got a solid lock on the front door, they consider their home secured. But home security is so much more than that, and so much more important.

If the worst were to happen, those things you saved up for – like a big screen TV or a fancy computer – will obviously be covered by your home insurance policy. Some things, though, are irreplaceable…

The obvious things that spring to mind are family heirlooms, or jewellery with sentimental value, such as wedding rings. While you may be able to get the financial worth back on the home insurance, what you really found precious can never be recovered.

What’s more, home is the place where you’ve had your family dinners, where you’ve made a fort with the kids, and where you’ve had so many other good times. A break-in could irreversibly taint the place that holds all those memories for you.

A recent survey* on what people consider to be their most treasured possessions at home, had some enlightening results…

It’s not necessarily something that has cost a lot of money – in fact, 74% of respondents said that their most financially valuable possessions are not the most valuable to them. More likely, it’s just a piece of paper; things like photographs, certificates and childrens’ drawings.

So that’s what home security is about: protecting your memories. It’s about preventative action to protect those things that are irreplaceable.

Home security is especially pertinent when you put so much time and energy into making your house a home. Home security specialist, Yale, is encouraging people to ‘Yale It’ – that is to say, protect all those things that you’ve put so much hard work and energy into.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the more ‘glamorous’ side of DIY in the decorating and the upcycling projects, it’s important to pay some mind to protecting all of your hard work.

So for ideas on how you can protect your home, go to What’s more, ‘National Home Security May Day’, sponsored by Yale, is taking place on 4 May, the early May bank holiday, so what better time to take on some DIY projects to make your house more secure?!