Why You Might Not Be Sleeping As Well As You Could Be

After a long day, there’s nothing quite like falling into a soft, warm bed and drifting off to sleep. Unless of course, the drifting off doesn’t come. There are many different reasons we might not be getting a full night’s sleep. Stress, loud noises, that scary movie that’s still on our mind. However, a common contributing factor is light.

Circadian Rhythm

If you haven’t heard of circadian rhythm, here’s the low-down. Most living things, including humans, have a light-related rhythm, meaning we sleep at night and stay awake during the day. This relates to the body’s master clock, which tells the brain to make melatonin when there’s less light, which then makes you sleepy. So, whether it’s natural or artificial light, if there’s anything interfering with that melatonin-inducing darkness, it’s going to be that much harder to fall asleep.

Blackout blinds  

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this problem. You can probably guess what it is. The right pair of blinds can help dim outside light, and in the case of our blackout blinds, can completely block it out. Elegant Roman blinds and neat Roller blinds have a soft fabric lining, come in a range of neutral colours, and can be fitted to cover the whole window. No street lights illuminating your room, no morning light shining in your eyes. Just a snug, peaceful room that’s designed for sleep.

Dim-out blinds  

If the idea of total darkness feels a little extreme, dim-out blinds might be a good alternative. These blinds prevent glares and soften any outside light, meaning they’ll let in the morning rays, but not in the same blinding, sleep interrupting way. If you don’t have a lot of excess light outside your bedroom, then try a dim-out blind. Otherwise, stick to the robust blackout blinds.

Finally, a good night’s sleep

As we all know, a good night’s sleep is vital. It helps improve our memory, fight back against illnesses, sharpen our attention, and stops us shouting at traffic and crying at TV adverts. All in all, a necessity in the modern world. To find the perfect blind for heavenly sleep, take a look at blind ranges on makemyblinds.co.uk today.

Swap Out Your Old Drab Curtains for Venetian Blinds [Guest Post]

The classic look of the Venetian blind continues to be a popular style selection for window dressing. For a more contemporary look many people are choosing to install metal Venetian blinds instead of the traditional wooden version. Metal blinds co-ordinate well with the current trend in retro furniture which typically incorporates some metallic detailing.

Manufactured from 8 gauge aluminium metal Venetian blinds come in an assortment of colours and often with a lifetime warranty. Colours range from black and white to several off white shades as well as all the colours of the rainbow.

The beauty of aluminium is that it does not warp. There is also no concern about having to re-varnish or oil the blinds that are exposed to the harmful UV rays. This is a practical material to consider for those buyers interested in having a long term investment. The aluminium too can be treated with heat retaining properties so that it can insulate the room.

The blinds can be set up so that they open and close automatically. Buyers find this system the best since the blinds move more easily when propelled by the uniform action of the motor. These blinds will still provide that timeless ambiance in the room where light can be filtered in the desired amount. The window area will have clean stylish lines suitable for the office as well as the living room

For a quick and easy home improvement, think about upgrading your curtains to blinds. Visit http://www.curtainsandblinds4homes.co.uk for a wide selection of venetian blinds.

UK Shutters And Blinds Buying Tips For 2012:

When looking at getting the most from your UK shutter supplier there are many things that you should consider.  For many people looking at the respective pricing models of buying window shutters from UK providers will of course factor into the buying cycle for interior/exterior shutters and blinds. It is important however to remember that cost alone cannot be justification to make a buying choice as this can lead to many other costing considerations directly resulting from any initial decision to buy through price alone and the potential selection of a lower quality initial shutters and blinds choice.

I would therefore also want to look at the quality aspect of the shutter company and for me having a local company that is based in the UK with real life UK customer testimonials, case studies and a real UK reputation for excellence is certainly a decision making prerequisite. I also like to be able to see a personality through the website and be able to actually deal with people who are window shutter professions like Sam at Opennshut. Remember these are the people that you will be dealing with so feeling comfortable knowing the person/people and even having the peace of mind that you have been able to put a face to a name can all help here.

From testimonials you not only get a feel for the quality of the windows shutters and blinds as a product but also a real indication of the after sales of the window fitting company. What better way is there to see how a company performs than by having their customers tell you directly?

Websites are a great source for getting a ‘feel’ for a company and their expertise in the area of shutters and blinds. Look for a number of key areas on a website that give you peace of mind in a company and can enable you to buy online or pick up the phone and speak to the company directly.

Look for signs of reputation and professionalism – have the company got a name that you have heard about or even seen on TV? Does the company have a physical location that you can visit and a landline telephone contact number where you can talk to a human being rather than a call centre?

If you can order online make sure that all the trust indicators that you would want to see before giving someone your credit card information is in place and that you can check these trust signals from separate and external sites not associated with the site you are on.