What Makes A Squeaky Bed And How Can You Fix It?

Squeaky beds can be incredibly annoying, so much so that some people would probably prefer to buy a new bed frame rather than fixing the problem. However, you can easily repair a squeaky bed frame to ensure you’re finally able to get some peace and quiet!


Why do beds squeak?

A squeaky bed can arise for a number of reasons. Some of the most common issues can include:

–          The age of your bed – as your bed ages it will naturally weaken and could begin to squeak as a result.

–          The materials used in the bed’s construction – metal beds can be notorious for squeaking, as the intersecting pieces of the frame can scrape against one another. Wooden bed frames can still squeak though.

–          The floor – it isn’t always your bed that’s the culprit of those annoying squeaks. If you have wooden floor boards it may be them that are squeaking and not your bed.

–          Your mattress – it may actually be the springs in your mattress that are squeaking.

–          Loose joints – if the hooks keeping your bed frame together come loose they can begin to squeak.


How to locate the squeak

Finding out where the squeak in your bed is coming from will be the first step to fixing the problem.


To do this you should:

–          Sit on the edge of your bed and see whether it squeaks. Do this all along the edges of the mattress on both sides of the bed.

–          Move the headboard back and forth to see if it squeaks.

–          Check the legs of your bed frame to make sure they aren’t loose or crooked.

You may find that your bed squeaks from numerous locations, in which case you should consider combining some of the following solutions:


Metal beds

–          Tighten the screws, nuts and bolts on your bed.

–          Apply a lubricant to the nuts, bolts and joints in your bed – WD-40 should be ideal.

–          Remove all of the nuts and bolts. Then wrap the bolts in sealant tape and put them back into the bed frame. This time, use plastic washers on both sides of the bolt and use a metal nut to hold the bolt in place. This is one of the best ways to stop a squeaky metal bed as it removes metal-on-metal contact.


Wooden beds

–          Make sure that all of the joints are flush.

–          Tighten all of the hooks, screws, nuts and bolts used.

–          Apply a lubricant to the nuts, bolts and joints – you can use either a specialist wood lubricant or a general lubricant.

–          Consider replacing any nails with screws.


Wooden floorboards

If you have wooden floorboards, one of the best ways to stop them from squeaking is to place a thick rug beneath your bed. This can provide a barrier between the floor and your bed.



–          Rotate your mattress – this can change the weight distribution, which can relieve the pressure on the springs at fault.

–          Move around the mattress to find the area in which the squeaking is more prevalent. Then, place a flat object beneath this area to relieve pressure.


And if all else fails…

If you have tried all of the above solutions but haven’t had any joy, it might be time to replace your bed.

A squeaky bed can wake you numerous times in the night if you’re a light sleeper, and it can be a great source of annoyance. There are many ways to fix a squeaky bed though, so you can begin getting a good night’s sleep in no time.


This post was provided by Anglia Home Furnishings, a regional company specialising in furniture and carpeting.

Modern Desks for Modern Offices

Today’s offices have ventured outside of large corporate buildings. Many people work from home and whether it’s through a large corporation or a small business; home offices are steadily working their way into the business world. While the size of the home office space varies, proper work area and equipment is still a must and there is always a way to set up and organize.

Small Office Spaces

When setting up a home office in an apartment or other small space, there is a question of how to do it without taking up too much room and without being too cluttered. There are actually several ideas. To begin with, there are modern office desks that are specifically designed for small spaces. There are different styles of desks that fold up when not in use. Just like other small desks, these have room for a computer.
Another option would be a desk with casters (rollers) on it. There are a variety of these. Some are larger in size but will fit against a wall when not in use and there is also the portable work station. These are anywhere from a small table just big enough for a laptop, to stations that will fit a computer and can be moved wherever they need to go.
Where to put a desk or home office in a small space?? Anywhere that isn’t being used. A closet could hold floating shelves and a chair, or if big enough, it could hold a desk. A corner of a room could be set up as a home office as could extra space in a utility room. Even if it can’t fit a full desk, a small area can be equipped with shelves that would work as a home office.
Medium/Large Sized Spaces

For those with a little more room to spare, there is the option of having an entire room as an office. Office desks have changed over the years, they aren’t just wood or metal anymore. Some are leather and come in vivid colors, but whatever a style may be; there is an office desk to suit it. They come with as little or as much storage space as needed and in more than one straight shape. Whether your office space is in a small extra bedroom or a whole basement or den area, the right office desk can help your home office run smoothly and efficiently. With more office space, there is an endless supply of ideas on how to arrange your office furniture. Be creative and make it your own!
A great benefit of modern office desks is that they can easily fit into small spaces or large spaces. They can be situated against a wall, in a closet, or even in the middle of the room. As long as they suit the needs of the user, they have done their job!

Modern Furniture Hire Melbourne – Increasing Your Home’s Aesthetic Value

There always a big difference between a house and a home. In mathematical terms a home is equal to the summation of a house made of bricks and the aesthetic value involved in it. As far the ornamental decoration is concerned, furniture plays a hefty role in determining the beauty of the home. In cities like Melbourne where people attach a lot of concern for  decoration and furnishing, furniture hire showrooms and shops are coming up with more lucrative and eye catching pattern of furniture designs.


Furniture Hire & Rent Services –

If you are looking to sell your home along with its furnishings and decorations, then modern furniture hire Melbourne is right service that would turn your house to ‘ready for sale’. There are a variety of showrooms, decoration and furnishing centers that take up the job to fully furnish your house with modern and trendy patterns and designs of furniture. These showrooms provide specialization to cater to every kind of homes with vast field experience in designing the right furniture and accessories that complement every type of homes. There are other services like the furniture rental packages that provide you with exclusive furniture samples for value adding purpose during presentation for sale. These packages are helpful not only adding value to your property and house but also ensures higher returns for the property value along with speedy process of the sale. There are a numerous number of furniture hire services in Melbourne that provide both short term as well as long term furniture rental for property sale, display and home relocation.


Expert Consultancy and Style Solutions –

These companies have expert consultants who find out solutions according to the taste and requirement of the clients. They complement the theme and lifestyle of the clients to provide designs and solutions for the home. They have a wide range of furnishings and accessories to suit your requirements.


Eco-friendly Solutions Guaranteed –

With environmental issues being the major concern, the modern furniture hire Melbourne aim at providing solutions that helps to preserve our global environment. Their practices include energy efficient methods, maximum utilization of sustainable, eco friendly materials and long utility products that have reduced effects on the environment.


Prices –

There is an extensive range of prices of various furniture designs that would help the customers to select according to their needs. There are some companies such as modern furniture hire Melbourne which guarantee to be un-beaten on price in order to enhance the rate of client figures. The furniture rental service is simple with backup service and service guarantee as well. The prices vary from $1800 to $3000 along with some exclusive discounts offers that helps you to control your budget.


Furniture hire services in Melbourne have extensive networks with a number of showrooms and design companies that lend services with expert professionalism and help you gain higher returns from your house or property

How to Update Your Kitchen with Furniture Fittings [Guest Post]

With so many great trends in kitchen design, you will be able to update an old kitchen simply even by changing a few simple fittings. The kitchen is quite possibly one of the most important rooms in your home. This is where delicious meals are prepared, coffee breaks are enjoyed, breakfasts are shared and new recipes are tried. The kitchen is often an integral family room, whether it is open-plan or separate to the dining room or living room.

Give your kitchen a fresh new look by updating old fittings for stylish new fittings, which could be chosen for a variety of styles from contemporary to rustic.

Essential Furniture Fittings for Modern Kitchens

From cabinets to doors; windows to hooks, fittings in a typical kitchen are often overlooked when the room is redesigned. Along with fresh paint and resurfacing, the right fittings can make a world of difference, and the best part is that they can be added with just the most basic of DIY skills. Here are some ideas for kitchen fittings to get you inspired.

  • Windows – depending on the size and type of windows in your kitchen, you could update the latches and fittings to blend in to the overall style of the room. You can also make kitchen windows more secure by adding window locks, adding more protection and peace of mind.
  • Doors – if your kitchen is separate, you can select handles or knobs in a variety of styles. Choose brass knobs for a rustic look, or gleaming chrome handles for a more modern kitchen. You will also need to consider exterior doors if you have one that leads to a patio or garden, in which case locks can also be updated.
  • Cabinets – choose something unique such as glass or crystal knobs for a glamorous kitchen cabinet, retro cup handles for something more understated, interesting curved handles for a modern look or even classic brass or period handles if you want to go for the rustic look.

While the choice of décor and themes is almost endless, it is important to follow the basic ‘rules’ of interior décor – the most important of which is consistency. If you have a rustic kitchen, modern fittings will look out of place. Retro fittings could be used in a more modern kitchen, but only if you are aiming for something bold and unusual. Once you have found the right fittings and added a few extra touches, you will be amazed at the difference in your kitchen.


Author Bio                                                                             

Rosanne Smith is an avid home decor enthusiast who researches and writes about the latest locks, window and ironmongery fittings for the home, along with many other furniture fittings.

Organise Your Beauty Goodies With Elegant Dressing Tables

Organising and storing beauty products is a daunting task faced by most of the people. Most of the beauty products are to be protected from moisture, direct sunlight and some cases from our own kids. Hence there is a need to have furniture where all these products can be neatly organised without cluttering the room. A dressing table serves this very purpose.

Mirror TableA dressing table is a furniture which is usually given last priority while decorating bedroom. Normally people first purchase bed, wardrobe and chest which is considered to be an integral part of bedroom and if there is extra space then they go in for a dressing table. Since most of the modern villas and apartments are in short of space, wardrobe with storage and built in mirror is becoming a trend. But for those of us who consider a dressing table not only as a necessity but also a décor piece, there are different types available in the market.

The dressing table can be large, draped and kidney shaped table or it can be antique Victorian and French table. The Victorian and French table are characterised by their elaborate mirror and beautiful carvings and are ideal for large rooms. Art-déco tables are ideal for small rooms. There are different ways in which dressing table can be decorated. If the table is antique or French then it is better to leave it as such as the table itself acts as a décor piece. Other types of table can be decorated with jewelry boxes, candle holders, photo frame, perfume etc. Different types of mirror like half length, three faced, oval, rectangle etc are available. It can either come as a set along with the table or in some cases it needs to be bought separately. While selecting the table one should be careful that it matches the décor theme of the bedroom. If the bed, wardrobe etc are antique, then one should go in for antique dressing table. If white bed andwhite wardrobeis used then the dressing table should also be white in color.

Dressing table can be made of different types of wood. It can be made of hard wood like birch, oak and teak or it can be made of soft wood like pine and cedar. Even though hard wood is more expensive than soft wood, it is always better to go for hard wood tables as these are long lasting.

A careful selection of the table taking into consideration the theme, size, budget etc can make your bedroom a place of envy. Thanks to the numerous online shopping portals available, purchasing a dressing table is no more a tedious job. At the click of the mouse your dream dressing table is all yours.

Author Bio: The author Susan Johns is a freelance content writer specialising in home/interior décor writing. With over 5 years experience in the field of furniture and home decor, she has written numerous articles and blogs in this area. Please visit her blog http://decoreview.com.