Plumbing Tips For 2017

Having good knowledge on your home, and the plumbing inside your home is good to know, incase of any emergency plumbing situations you may be faced with.

In this article I will cover a few major points you may want to take note of. I will give you tips on how to locate your stop valves in an emergency, I will also go through ways you can bleed your radiators to keep them working to the best possible standards.

Stop Valves

When faced with a plumbing emergency, anything from a burst pipe to a faulty tap. The first step would be to turn off the main stop valve or one of stop cocks near to the emergency. So to locate these, you should have a stop tap or stop cock on the water lines/pipes near to objects like the sink and bath, one near your boiler, you should have one near your water tank if you have a water tank.

If for example you have a burst pipe in the bathroom, you should trace that pipe until you see the stop valve, if not try and locate the closest stop tap and turn it clockwise to lock it and hopefully stop the water. If this doesn’t work then your next step would be to find the main stop valve to the property. This should be located where the mains water supply connects to your home, usually located close to where the gas mains and electric mains also come into the property.

If you turn the main stop valve this should stop the cold water supply to the property and eventually it will stop leaking water, the hot water will also stop when you turn the main stop valve if your your heating system is a regular combi boiler system. However if you run a gravity system or high pressure system then the hot water supply will need to be turned off at the tank, there should be another valve or tap located near your tank to turn off the water supply from them types of heating systems.

How To Bleed A Radiator

Has your radiator ever felt warm at the bottom but cold at the top? This happens because there is air in the system, it usually happens when the heating has been off for long periods of time like when you have been on holiday, or during the summer period. Bleeding your radiators is a simple, but great thing to know.

It’s as simple as turning a key. A radiator key to be precise, these can be purchased from most DIY stores. All you do is put the key in the keyhole, usually located at the top of the radiator. Then turn anticlockwise until you hear a hissing sound, which is air being released. As soon as all the air has been released the next thing to come out is the water still inside the radiator, once the hissing has stopped and the water comes out you will want to turn the key clockwise and quickly lock the radiator. Keeping a towel near by can sometimes be a good idea.

If your heating system is a combi boiler or a high pressure system then you may need to repressurise your boiler in order to get the boiler pressure back up, this is as simple as turning the water top up valve on the boiler. If you are unsure how to do this then you can contact multicore for advice on how to repressurise your boiler.


Author Bio

Dan Mawson, owner and founder of Multicore National is an avid Manchester United fan, full time dad and part time blogger, he is a fully qualified electrician but knows plumbing, gas and oil and also has a fleet of staff who are qualified in each sector.

Improve Your Home by Hiring the Right Plumber

ccoldWhen you determine to hire a plumber, make certain you employ a qualified expert with the ideal encounter. Anybody along with some skill can begin offering plumbing system services, however that doesn’t imply the individual understands the best ways to locate leaks concealed in a wall surface, locate the problem along with a sewage system line or put in brand-new gas lines for your outdoor kitchen. Comply with these actions to work with the correct plumbing technician for each of your projects.

Plumbing professionals proudly market that they are certified. It’s on their autos, front doorway, calling card and sites. You may have questioned exactly what the big offer is with a little slip of paper stating that they are accredited. Contractors need to pass particular tests in order to obtain their license from the city or state. They have to show that they control the skills needed by their field, and they should have the license restored every few years. You will certainly have an assurance that the individual has the necessary expertise, and you will certainly also has the ability to obtain even more info on the service provider by looking at the efficiency past attached to the certificate.

Mishaps happen, as well as the professionals can run into major troubles. If there is a water leak that ruins your residence while the plumbing technician is working, that will spend for the damage? If you select the wrong plumbing professional, you can end up footing the expense. Nonetheless, you can easily shield your home by choosing a bound professional. They have the funds offered to cover any sort of damages, and the funds are regulated by the state so you can relax guaranteed that you will be recompensed.

If a plumbing professional is hurt while functioning on your sewage system line, your property owner’s insurance coverage can end up paying the expense if you don’t decide on an insured group. When a company purchases their very own insurance, they are approving duty for injuries their employees may sustain when they are in your residence. This safeguards you fiscally and aids keep your very own insurance coverage prices reduced.

This trade organization grants membership only to those experts that have actually shown that they have exceptional capabilities and experience. It’s one of the easiest means to ensure that you hired a knowledgeable individual who can take care of the task in a prompt manner. Along with having better experience, these proficient plumbers also stay present along with the most recent innovation to help them execute work much faster and offer you with first-rate outcomes.

The most trusted testimonials come from good friends and household who will be entirely sincere with you. Nevertheless, you might not know anyone that has actually employed a plumber recently. Seek testimonials and reviews on the firm by considering their website, going to the Better Business Bureau and doing a standard search online. It’s essential to keep in mind that also the very best plumbing professional could have one or both complaints that cause by straightforward misconceptions.

Locating a plumbing technician that holds his very own insurance, has acquired bonds and maintains a present license is the simple component. They proudly advertise this information, and you can request for insurance coverage policy numbers and permit info to make sure that everything is current and exact. See your city Master Plumbers Association for a list of members in your location. Finally, put in the time to look up a few reviews to guarantee that you hire a knowledgeable and knowledgeable plumbing professional.

Plumbing Jargon: A list of industry-specific words explained

Whether you’re looking to take out water supply pipe cover, or want to fix a blocked drain, you’ll probably need to know a little jargon. Plumbing terms can seem more complicated than they actually are so here are a few of them explained:


Every wondered how your toilet actually works? Well, the ballcock helps the cistern tank to fill up properly and stops the water from overflowing. It’s a clever little device that’s found in flush toilets and other water tanks and is easily replaced if erosion occurs – so find out more here.


As well as a ballcock, most toilets also contain a float. This helps to maintain a desired water level in a water tank and can also be found in the cistern. If this is damaged or broken, the water might run over the top, so it’s important to buy a new one if necessary.

Check valve

More often than not, water is supposed to flow in one direction and one direction only for a device to work. A check valve – also known as a non-return valve – allows liquid to flow the right way and stops it from returning back into the water main.


Is your central heating system making a host of banging sounds? If so, there might be an airlock in the system. This is a small pocket of air which can restrict the flow of liquid through a pipe. If you think an airlock is present, contact a plumber for help and advice.

Air separator

An air separator is a small device that’s fitted to a central heating system. It eliminates small bubbles of air circulating in the system and prevents airlocks from occurring. It should also make your central heating system a lot quieter and will stop your pipes from eroding quickly.


A gauge is normally used to measure the temperature or pressure of a device. It can be mechanical, electrical or a combination of both and ensures equipment is working safely. A boiler, for instance, must not exceed pressure levels as this could be extremely dangerous.

A little knowledge can go a long way, so don’t be afraid to look up words if you’re not sure.