5 cheap ways to increase the value of your home in 2020

If you’re looking to sell your home while the market is still relatively buoyant, but you’ve been disappointed by recent valuations from estate agents, you needn’t despair. With these five cheap ways to increase the value of your home, you could command a figure more in-line with your expectations.

Everyone wants to get the best price for their home, but it is important to be realistic. There are very few things you can do to add tens of thousands of pounds on to the value without spending large sums, but take a look at our simple tips to spruce up your home and maximise what you get for it.

Paint your kitchen

Unless you have an unusually large kitchen, you shouldn’t need too much paint to give things a freshening up. You don’t need to paint the whole room either, simply choose to paint the cabinets or the walls a different colour, whichever needs brightening more.

Kitchens are one of the key rooms people are interested in, so keeping it fresh and inviting will help to boost how much value estate agents place on it. The less work potential buyers would have to do, the better.


Buff the bath

If you love a good bath, then you’ll understand the importance of buffing up your bathtub. Over the years they can become worn and grimey, but by giving it a good scrub, your tub could be made to look new. If a deep clean doesn’t work, you might consider investing in a new, cheap tub to give it the look and feel of a new suite.

Bathrooms, much like kitchens, are an area of the home people place a lot of value in, so presenting a clean and sharp bathtub will be a good investment.


New Caulk

Carrying on from the last point, with the knowledge that a bathroom is a prized part of any home, investing in new caulking is a wise move. Over the years you might have accumulated mould on your caulk or it may have become worn and discoloured. Applying a new layer of caulk after stripping out the old one is a simple task which quickly brightens up a bathroom once again.

Whether it’s around the shower tray, the bath or both, caulking won’t break the bank and will have an instant impact.


Declutter your home

Think back to when you viewed your property when buying – you were probably trying to imagine where furniture might go and what you would use certain rooms for. That logic applies when selling your home, since you want prospective buyers to see the potential it has and pay more to get it.

Declutter your home by getting rid of items you don’t need and tidying away those you don’t regularly use – rent space in a storage facility as an interim option if you have to, the cost will hopefully be surpassed by the extra amount added to the value of your property when it’s tidy and open.


Clean the carpets

We become so familiar with our homes that we sometimes fail to see the impact that time has on things. A carpet will be stepped, shuffled and possibly stamped on every day, so it stands to reason that they’ll become a little dirty and jaded looking.

With a professional clean, your carpets can be brought back to life and this will up the potential value of the home as they won’t look like they need replacing. You can hire a company to clean the carpet or simply hire the machinery and do it yourself.


Once your property is sold and you need help moving, look no further than clockwork Removals. With experienced removals teams, they can help you wherever you are in the UK and can even take care of international removals, helping your move go as smoothly as possible.

How To Cut Down on the Cost of Moving

While many expenses are unavoidable, there are plenty of ways to keep costs down by planning ahead, comparing prices, and rethinking your presumptions about your moving options and expenses, says Kate Hart. She is an home and office relocations manager at Fantastic Removals, a removal company based in London.

Read below to find out what else she has to suggest on how to cut down on the cost of moving.

The average cost of a move

Most companies are hourly based. They charge by the number of hours each booking takes. Also, most of them have a minimum booking hour which most of the time is 2 hours. If the job needs more than two hours to be completed they will charge by every half an hour extra according to their individual prices.

So, it’s hard to say how much a service would cost you, which in most cases is the biggest problem between companies and customers once the service is completed.

If you are going to book with a removal company, the best tip is to check their deals to combine two or more services in order to reduce the overall price and save money.

How to move without booking a removal company

To complete the move by yourself you need to follow those simple instructions: start packing as early as possible, make a good moving plan and be extremely organised.

What is important to sort out in advance?

  • Тake with you only the things you need, so you will save both time and money;
  • Sort out your things before you begin to pack and decide what you actually need and what can be thrown away;
  • Anything that can be donated or sold is an extra bonus as you avoid waste and reduce your own possessions down.

Label everything or your move might be a disaster!

  • Best way to stay organised during the whole relocation process;
  • Label up some boxes for each room and keep everything together;
  • This will also ease the process when you are settling in at your new place.

Hire a van for the day or ask a friend(s) for help:

  • If you can get the move done in a few trips hire a van for the day and drive yourself;
  • Definitely find some friends to help you with the loading and unloading;
  • Make sure you get a van which will fit your larger pieces of furniture and use your car for smaller items if you have one;
  • Always move the big stuff first.

Plan your interior decoration in advance

Planning in advance will always save you both hassle and nerves later down the road. A small room can be challenging to decorate, especially if you are running on a budget and you lack creative ideas on decorating rooms. If you place many small pieces of furniture, your new home might become crowded and cluttered, while large pieces might preoccupy the room leaving less space for everything else. It’s important to keep the right balance in everything.

Save on gas

The cost of transportation might rise unexpectedly if you get stuck in a traffic jam. So it’s a good idea to plan your trip in advance and avoid rush hour. Besides saving you money for extra fuel this approach will save you a nerve-wracking experience as well. After all, moving house is a daunting task by itself and you don’t want to make it harder by wasting money on fuel or getting stuck on the road.

Cut off your service early

Inform your utility companies beforehand that your are going to move. Otherwise you might end up paying for a service you no longer use and that’s not something you want to happen. Paying bills on both places simultaneously in addition to your moving expenses can ruin your budget, so plan accordingly.

Invest in insurance

Okay, it may sound counter intuitive to spend money on insurance when you are trying to save money on your move. But think about that – what is the total cost of your possessions? As you are packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking lots of things can go wrong. Is it worth the risk? Consider this – how much it’s gonna cost you to replace a cracked display on your 50-inch TV? Sofas, beds, wardrobes – all these cost a lot and it may take a lot of money to repair or replace them. So why not go out and explore what insurance options you have in case of unfortunate events during your move. You might pay a little, but it will save you a lot.

Reuse old packing materials

Try not to give money away for packing materials. You can save some already used plastic bags or left boxes. You may kindly ask in the local supermarket for boxes that they will throw away. Also, see if your friends are able to lend you whatever they have left.

* Additional advice: Make an online research on how to move without booking with a company, because it is not that easy as it seems.

However, it is not impossible!

How to sell or give away rather than move

To make it easier think about the items you are about to sell or give away. Very likely you have gotten a lot of use out of them and they  served you well, now it’s time to pass it along. In doing this, first and foremost, always be realistic in your price setting. You are not trying to recoup what you’ve spent on something! Your goal is to ease your move and make it less stressful.


People online are constantly scouring websites looking for bookshelves, nightstands, couches, dining tables, etc…

“Find a trustworthy website, create an account and upload good quality pictures together with small descriptions of the furniture you want to sell.” says Simon from K-town Furniture.


People are selling clothing on Facebook, but you’ve got to have a lot of patience and some really high end stuff and well preserved clothing items.

“Kids clothes generally sell well at garage sales. However, if you still have some left overs, consider donating them as hand-me-downs to friends or to the Red Cross, Cancer Research UK, Oxfam and to some thrift shops.” says Harris from HomeDecorExpert.com


If you have hundreds and hundreds of books that you love  but you would never be able to read, it’ best to only keep the most favourite ones and sell or donate the rest. You could set aside some money and buy yourself an E-reader as a present and start collecting the books you have sold on it. I know it’s not the same, but that is the future and it’s much easier in case you decide to move again or when you are traveling and want to bring some reading with you.

Everything else

When people come to buy your furniture, clothes or books be sure to mention to them that everything else in the house will be going as well. They might very well know someone who needs to fill up a cabin or a new apartment.

If someone is coming to buy a bookcase, ask them if they need any books. If they want a microwave, offer them your pyrex dishes too.

Yes, moving in/out can be both exciting and extremely happy time to experience. Regardless, expenses are usually part of it, no matter how wonderful otherwise. But by keeping an eye to the financial aspects of the move and taking simple steps to reduce the costs, will significantly lower any stress or material difficulties. One thing is for sure, this will make your transition to a new home and community easier for yourself and your family.

Moving Home Checklist – Reduce the Stress of Moving with these Steps

The common question of “how to move home?” is asked by many a house mover.

Simon Long Removals’ interactive timeline of how to move home documents the essential stage of planning involved throughout the entire home removals process, from 2 months before your move to the days following your home move.

Below you will find attached an infographic version of this interactive timeline, with the stage of a house move outlined as:

  • What to do 2 months before your home move
    • Researching removals companies
    • Spring cleaning your home
    • Organising all of your moving documentation
  • What to do 1 month before your home move
    • Booking your removal company
    • Ordering any packing materials
    • Emptying freezers & larders
    • Measuring furniture
    • Informing the relevant parties of an address change
  • What to do 2 weeks before your home move
    • Start packing
    • Arrange time off from work
    • Contact utility providers
  • What to do on the day of your home move
    • Get your kids and pets out of the house
    • Keep your survival box and all important documents in a safe place
    • Give the house a final check
  • What to do post home move
    • Unpack
    • Celebrate / Relax

moving home checklist


A Guide to a Stress Free Move Abroad

Moving with childrenMoving house is one of life’s most stressful events involving endless organising, packing and sorting. Planning a new life abroad only adds to the pressure but thorough research, tight budgeting a high quality removals company and a lot of decluttering will all help keep things ticking along like Clockwork on move day.

Planning your move abroad

Once you have made the big decision to relocate start researching your planned destination thoroughly.  Accommodation, schooling, healthcare, banking and the cost of living are all essential things to consider before you make your move. Costs can add up so start putting together a detailed budget as soon as possible, researching the price of cars, rent, utilities and property in your destination country.

Once your research is complete make an appointment for a survey with an international mover, preferably one that is a member of the British Association of Removers Overseas Group (BAR). BAR members must adhere to strict criteria and using a company that is not a member means you may have no route of redress or complaint other than the civil courts or local trading standards offices in the unlikely event something goes wrong. Most reputable removal companies will offer international insurance, but a fully comprehensive package such as marine transit insurance is advised. Although precautions are taken to minimise any risk to your belongings, realistically insurance should be a priority and is something to think seriously about when budgeting your costs.  

Your removals company will talk you through the costs and logistics of the move and verify the exact volume to ship. They will also offer destination storage and unpacking services and help with customs formalities. If you have a pet, accredited international movers will also have valuable partnerships with specialist pet relocation services, to make sure all the family are moved abroad safely.

The big clear out

Reputable removal companies will offer full export packing services which are generally worth the extra cost. Experienced export packers will pack up your entire home (freeing up your time for other chores) with specialist materials so you are safe in the knowledge that all your worldly possessions are safe during their long voyage to their final destinations.  

The last thing you want is to pay more in removal costs to move items you don’t even want across the world. A clutter free, tidy and organised home will not only help sell your house quicker but will also make the moving process easier.

Start de-cluttering your house as early as possible starting with the attic and working your way down to basements, garden sheds and garages. During your big clearout always bear in mind where you are going: Do you need a lawn mower if you are moving to an apartment in Dubai? Another good rule to work by is; if you can’t remember the last time you used or wore something, the chances are you don’t need it!

International MoversWhen it comes to moving abroad, knowing you have planned and budgeted properly and having a reliable international removals crew on hand will really put your mind at rest so you can relax and concentrate on your new life in your destination country.

Questions for your international movers

  • Are you a member of The British Association of Removers Overseas Group?
  • Do you offer full marine transit insurance?
  • Do you offer export packing?
  • How will the move be carried out? Number of days in customs, shipment times, crew size?
  • How secure will my belongings be if they have to be stored?
  • Who is my destination agent?

Clockwork Removals and Storage London offer accredited international removals, storage and export packing services to individuals and families all over the world. To discuss your move abroad call 0800 195 8671 today.

Moving Home: Making it Run Smoothly

Moving dayMoving home can be a very stressful time for anyone, but especially if you are trying to organise the move around work, children and pets – it’s no wonder we get anxious.

There are two ways to accomplish your move – do-it-yourself or by getting in the professionals. If you are moving on a budget, then although considerably harder and more stressful, the DIY route will probably be your chosen option. You will need to purchase a number of cardboard boxes and strong tape. Be sure to buy enough because there is nothing worse on the day to discover that you are short. Wrap all your items carefully with bubble wrap, as unlike with the professional removal company, many of your items may not be covered by your insurance whilst in transit. At this point it is essential to number and write the contents on every box and also which room in your new house it should go into.

With regards to furniture, again make a note as to which room each item should go and remember to put bubble wrap around the legs of tables and chairs to protect them during transit. On the big day you will need to start early. Prepare a checklist beforehand to ensure that nothing is forgotten. Once the removal lorry has arrived, stay in the house and ensure that every item is taken in an order which will facilitate off-loading into each area of the new house, as once everything is in place, you will be feeling exhausted and this way it will be much easier to make the lounge and bedrooms immediately usable. Also it is strongly recommended that the electric kettle, mugs, tea bags, sugar and milk travel in the car with you, as cups of tea are crucial no matter whether you are moving yourself or using the professionals for home removals.

Whenever possible however, do use a professional removal company as they know exactly what they are doing and operate with military precision, taking all the stress out of the day for you and your family, as all you will need to do is unpack.

Things to Remember for Your New Home

Before you move into your new house, you might want to consider some additional features that will improve the quality of your home.

Heating, Cooling and Ventilation

The air inside your home can help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Proper air circulation is essential to make sure the air inside the house is clean and free of bacteria. When heat is circulated throughout a house, the air inside can actually contain more pollutants than the air outside. To help keep the inside air clean, a heat recovery system can be used. This system runs on a two hour cycle to exchange the air inside the home to keep it free of harmful pollutants. Similar systems can be installed for comfort cooling and proper ventilation.


Your new home might benefit from some new furnishings. Wood is a classic material which has been shown to stand the test of time. There are beautiful pieces of furniture available in oak or pine, which can be used to enhance the décor of any room. A dining table set made of solid oak can add a touch of sophistication to the room it is used in. Pine bed frames are available in a variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of any homeowner.

Protection for Your Home

Any new homeowner should purchase insurance to protect their house in the event of some type of disaster. Insurance policies can be designed to meet the needs of those who purchase them. Some financial companies will offer services which not only provide homeowners with insurance coverage they also provide the financing needed to purchase the home in the first place. Home loans and mortgages can also be designed with affordable rates and payment plans to make purchasing a new home easier to do.

Innovative Ways To Announce Your Move!

“Goodbyes hurt the most when not done in a good way” rightly said by some spotless minds. While you relocate it is the bittersweet experience of your life. This is because you leave behind all your friends, neighbors and the memories of that place. You leave the entire social circle both in the locality and in the office and your kids leave their friends. Though you get to explore new things, get to meet new people and make new friends, but still you leave behind your comfort zone.

So how do you now plan to let your folks and friends know about your move?

· Arrange a house warming party: This is probably the best way to inform your loved ones about your move. You can arrange a lunch party or a dinner party both will be perfect to announce about your move. Choose a local restaurant or may be the back yard of your present home. Create a good and pleasing environment and drop the news of your move. Give the reason for your move that you are provided with good career options in the new place.

· Postal services: The easy and stress free way of letting your near ones know about your move is changing of address. This way you will notify post office about your move and ask them to post all the documents to the new place. This is the easiest way of conveniently providing this information to all the friends and family.

· Print cards: You can design easy and creative print cards from the comfort of your home. Giving unique touch to your goodbye cards and writing personal messages to everyone is the easiest way to deliver the information. Though it is fun printing cards on your own but if you are lacking time then there are printing companies that will make it even easier for you. This will make your friends and family feel special.

· Phone calls: It is a very obvious thing to do but people often overlook the obvious. They forget to inform about their move at all. So, if you are falling short of time then a phone call would do. In fact informing your friends and folks personally will make them feel important.

· Social networking site: OK now if you have a very big social circle and throwing a party or making cards is going out of budget then you can go for online option. Inform the masses by conveying a message on Facebook or Twitter or if you want to get personal with this then an E-mail would do.

Now that you know how to tell everyone around your move you need to make one thing very sure, that whichever way you feel is the best just make it a little fun oriented. Make the last time with your friends and family a memorable one. This will make the whole experience an enjoyable one and if you’ll look forward to a good removal services like Removal Service London, your move will definitely be a stress free one.