Garage Storage Ideas

Ever wondered how to get more from you garage space? Doormatic Garage Doors have produced this handy infographic giving you some hints and tips on how to get the most storage space possible from your existing garage space. You can read up on these tips in the infographic below.

For more ideas on how you can improve your garage space, you can visit the doormatic website, which is always up to date with the latest buying advice, garage door and home improvement ideas.

High Quality Workwear for Home Improvement

Turning your hand to a little DIY is a highly rewarding task, but like many things in life, the better equipped you are, the easier the job is. This doesn’t just go for making sure you have the right tools for the project, it also goes for kitting yourself out with the correct, high-quality workwear clothing.

Besides saving all your own clothes and stopping them from getting damaged from paint splashes, tears and spills, there is also the safety aspect that expertly designed workwear clothing provides. High visibility jackets and high-vis trousers are a must if you’re doing any project near a busy road, and most workwear is waterproof, keeping you comfortable and more able to do a full day’s DIY, no matter what the weather throws at you. Whether you’re on a roof, trimming a hedge or painting a roadside fence, be sure you are safe. See and be seen.

The right footwear, like steel toecap boots, far out-perform the humble trainer, when it comes to dropping something like a heavy piece of timber on your foot. The correct footwear could save your toes from being crushed, and if you tread on a nail in trainers, it’s definitely a trip to hospital. Buying the right boots can mean waterproof, reinforced, chemical-resistant workwear for your feet, and real peace of mind. You don’t have to be a professional to benefit from all of these ideal safety features.

As for work trousers, there’s nothing handier than having all your tools within reach, in perfectly placed pockets. Designed to be exactly the right size, you can house mobiles, keys, tape measures, pencils for marking out, and more. Durable stitching and extra layers of reinforced material make them far more robust than your go-to pair of jeans. If you are looking for extra protection for the knees and knee joints, many work trousers offer helpful knee pad pockets. These really help on jobs like tiling and flooring, that are both demanding and stressful on the knees. Workwear clothing is often more robust and simply built for the job, with plenty of room to move. Also, garments are lined for warmth and made to withstand a tough day’s work.

Using appropriate workwear even extends to your hands, with hard wearing, durable gloves a must. Designed to protect fingers against abrasive surfaces, sharp or rusty objects and thorns or prickles hiding in the garden, the right gloves can save time, stop blisters, eliminate sores and make a tough day’s graft an easier, more manageable task.

There’s no doubt that whatever the DIY enthusiast has to tackle, the right work trousers and clothing will help you keep safe and comfortable all day long.

The Definitive Guide to Home Content Insurance

Our possessions are the things that we hold dear to us. A box of photographs. A smart phone. Our television sets. Often, we find that our possessions have sentimental or financial significance. Possessions or the contents of our home are the things that we want to protect the most. After all, you’ve worked hard for them. You want to ensure that your hard work has not been in vain. That’s why so many people choose to have a home contents insurance plan.
But, what exactly does it cover? What are the benefits of taking out this type of policy?  When it comes to home contents insurance, there are some simple things that you need to be aware of.
What is Home Content Insurance?
Contents insurance, in short, covers an individual for all of their possessions that are contained within the home. Do note that this doesn’t cover a policyholder for ‘the home’ itself. As such, contents insurance ensures that the ‘things’ within your property are included.
Home Insurance Content: What Does it Cover?
Contents insurance can protect a policyholder from any incident that happens in the home. Typically, you can be covered for any damage that arises within the property. Lightning, fire and vandalism can be covered under a contents insurance plan. But, damage that has resulted from water leaks are usually included. Often, acts of theft can be covered with this kind of policy. Sometimes, a policy can be more robust. As such, protection can be obtained for freezer breakdown, thus covering the cost of the food that is within the freezer.
In short, contents insurance can ensure that you are protected against all kinds of eventualities that arise within the home.
Breaking Down the Content Insurance Plan
Of course, as with any insurance policy, there is not a one size fits all solution to home contents. On the contrary, there are a number of optional extras that a policyholder can seek out.
Accidental Damage
Accidental damage can occur for a number of reasons. We often find ourselves accidentally breaking things. For high-value goods, it can be daunting to think that we have to replace them. But, some policies can safeguard the policyholder against accidental damage to contents within the home. In some cases, this can come as standard. But, there might be a cap on the amount that you can claim for. It may be worth checking over a policy and seeing if accidental damage is something that you need.
Personal Possessions
For those that head out on the commute every day, it may be worth knowing that personal possessions can be protected under a home contents plan. This level of cover can be a great way of safeguarding things like handbags and portable devices. Phones, cameras and purses can be lost or stolen. As such, this can be covered by your policy. It’s always worth checking what can be included with this level of cover as some restrictions may apply.
Is it Worth Paying a Premium for Home Content Insurance?
Protecting your assets is important. Often, paying a lesser premium can result in some items not being covered in your policy. But, if you are confident that have everything covered, a low plan that includes minimal contents could be the right move. It’s vital to know that payment plans can be set up to ensure that your level of cover is right for you. After all, you shouldn’t have to compromise security over price.

Make Your Bedroom A Winter Wonderland In Ten Easy Steps

iStock_000007330106MediumWith winter finally here, now is the time to begin transforming your home ready for the festive season. Yet while living rooms and other communal areas often see the brunt of the decorating attention, more private areas such as our bedrooms can get overlooked.

For those who want to bring the spirit of Christmas into every part of their home, here is a ten step guide on how to transform your bedroom into a winter wonderland.

Step 1: Decorate the furniture Regardless of whether your bedroom furniture is made from wood or metal, there are many things you can do to give it a Christmas makeover. Decorate lightly by adding festive ornaments to the top of dressing tables or hanging tinsel or other decorations from the handles of chest of drawers.

Step 2: Change the bedding

If you want to create a true winter wonderland then match your winter blankets with fresh, white bedding. Crisp pillow cases and duvets combined with thin sheets create a luxurious layered look and is finished perfectly by a thick velvet blanket in a bright festive colour.

Step 3: Add lights

Fairy lights aren’t just for the Christmas tree so bring them into your bedroom. Whether your drape them from a wall or wrap them around the bottom of your bed is up to you – just never leave them plugged in and unattended. For more inspiration, take a look at these 50 bedrooms decorated with Christmas lights.

Step 4: Decorate the windows

Share your festive cheer with the outside world by decorating your windows. This can mean creating beautiful motifs using snow spray and stencils or sticking colourful, festive stickers to the inside of windows. You can even get some that light up if you want to go all out.

Step 5: Add candles

Candles are always popular during the festive season so place some strategically around your bedroom and light them during the evening. Again, keep safety in mind at all times and consider opting for scented such as cinnamon.

Step 6: Let it snow

If you don’t mind a little mess then why not give your bedroom the full winter wonderland makeover with fake snow? Sprinkle over window sills and bedroom furniture for a subtle but striking look.

Step 7: Set the tone

A winter wonderland isn’t just about looks so truly set the tone with festive music.

Step 8: Bring the outdoors in

Christmas tree or wreath – whatever you have room for, bring it into your bedroom to truly make the festive season come alive. Wreaths can be mounted on the door or hung on wardrobe doors depending on your preference.

Step 9: Hand your stockings up

A different type of stocking to the one you usually find in the bedroom, hanging yours up ready for a Christmas Eve visit is essential.

Step 10: Wear festive pyjamas

Turning your bedroom into a winter wonderland doesn’t end with interior decoration so grab your favourite winter pyjamas and jump into your soft and sumptuous bed – what better way is there to celebrate Christmas?

How to take care of your bathroom.

The throne room – or more accurately, the bathroom is a sanctuary. However, despite the allusions of grandeur it can also be a place for muck, filth and germs to appear. It isn’t much of a problem to the naked eye, but all that dirt can lend itself to disease, build ups of limescale (or worse), or even nasty smells. It doesn’t take much to tell your bathroom is dirty, but for those not quite in the know we’ve put together some bathroom cleaning tips, just to help you clean your bathroom right!

1) De-clutter!  Get rid of those old bottles, wipe down all the counter tops and throw away old hairclips or broken nail clippers (sell them on eBay!)

2) If you keep a window wiper in your shower it makes glass screen maintenance a lot easier, provided you wipe your glass after every shower!


3) If you have a bin without holes in it, you can use this as a cleaning bucket! Fill the bin with water, soap and/or disinfectant, and you have the perfect cleaning tub. Empty it out after, and your bin will be clean too.

4) Ignoring number 2, if you have a shower curtain make sure to take it off before you wipe it down, or even throw it in a washing machine!

5) Lazy Tip: Washing the mirror and the tap to sparkling will make the entire bathroom seem much cleaner!

6) Toilets – They have many parts. Don’t forget to clean the handle, seat, lid, (any sort of buttons or extraneous equipment) and especially around the base of the loo. Check between cracks in the floor if your bathroom is tiled, too!

7) It’s easy to clean as you go. Keep a scrubbing sponge on the end of the tub, and scrub out the bath before soaping to clean myself. Whenever you wash up, shave, brush your teeth, etc, take 30 seconds to wipe down the sink and counter-top after finishing.

8) Don’t use soap bars, they create scum that’s hard to get rid of!

9) If all else fails, buy a self-cleaning toilet. At least that will stay clean.

Well, there are our top tips. I think it’s wise after all of that to take a relaxing bath, provided of course you’ve cleaned it properly!

5 Necessities for Throwing a Great Party

Yescom-Home-11-1Throwing a party for friends and family should be a time of fun and enjoyment. It should also be something that your guests remember for a long time, and this can cause worry for the person having the party. Do you have a themed night so that everyone knows what to expect? Or do you have a big formal meal with lots to drink? There are so many ways in which you can throw a party that it can seem overwhelming, but there are some things which every party has to have, and knowing those essentials can help to keep your party on track.

1) Good Food and Wine
The most important element of any party is the food and drink. If this is a flop, then the rest of the party might as well not be happening – your guests will only remember the disappointing fare. As a host, you want to give your guests the best, so make sure that you are prepared in this area. Even if you don’t drink yourself, you should probably serve some form of alcohol, and even if you only intend to serve nibbles, you should make sure that they are tasty and satisfying nibbles. Remember to mix alcohol and soft drinks, as well as non-salty and salty foods, to ensure that guests can eat and drink what they want.

2) Fun
The other really-must-have essential for any good party is fun. This doesn’t have to be enforced fun, such as silly party games that no-one really wants to play, but could instead be group games, or a competition between guests. Even if you don’t provide formal fun, you should still be ensuring that your guests have a good time. A soccer ball can ensure a good kick-about while the food is being prepared, for example. If you know what your guests like, then you could tune your fun items to match their particular passions.Yescom-Home-6-1

3) Space
Holding a party in a tiny, cramped room is not a good idea. One way to ensure that your guests have lots of fun is to have the party outside. There are plenty of canopies and offset patio umbrellas available to ensure that guests are shaded and protected from rain, and it is much better than trying to squeeze all of your friends into a tight space.

4) Music
Most parties are nothing without good music, and it is up to the host to select the music and sound system for the party. You might be alright with a CD player and a stack of old tunes from your youth, but you might also want to hire a professional DJ to help get the sound right for your party. If you are holding it outdoors, then it is important to remember that sound will be diffused, so guests might have trouble hearing when they are close to the sound.

5) Atmosphere
You can serve good food, you can provide fun and great music, but if you don’t have a good atmosphere, your party will be a flop. Almost all of the time, this atmosphere is provided by your guests, so inviting along a group of friends, who all like each other, is perhaps the best way to create a pleasant feeling. Having a good space, including fitting your patio furniture with
offset patio umbrellas from can also help to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere, and ensure your party goes well.

How to renovate your home without the hefty bill

Everybody knows the mantra ‘there’s no place like home’ which is exactly why it is important to love the surroundings you are in. After all, if you are spending hours of your life in your house, you want it to convey a homey feel so your family and friends can come over to visit and feel welcome.

After living in the same house for so long, you can soon get sick of the sight of the same four walls. However, when thinking about redecorating, you may not have enough cash in the bank to foot the hefty bill to pay for labourers and materials. Fortunately, there is a secret to renovating your home without having to pay a fortune and that is – keeping it plain and simple.

For starters, opt for neutral colours such as white, beige and black. These shades will act as a base and will allow you to change up the décor each season by swapping the colour of your accessories from red in winter to lime green in the spring.

If you choose to paint your walls, you will be able to cut out the professional labours by doing it yourself. By painting your walls in a neutral shade, you will be able to hang up pictures or canvases to portray your personality or the mood of the room. For example, the living room walls could be decorated with sport canvas prints as it is where all of the entertainment happens.


As for your floor, you could ask a friend or family member who has expertise in flooring but can help you out for a smaller fee than what qualified labourers would charge. Again, keep your flooring simple by choosing wooden laminate or a neutral coloured carpet so it does not conflict with any of your other décor choices when you decide to vary your accessories throughout the year. This should help to save you money as you will only have to replace your interior accessories to make an impact on the look of the rooms in your home.